Piracy - A Dilemma

  morddwyd 09:10 26 Jun 2010

I wish to buy, full retail, an application for my Windows Mobile device.

Unfortunately the publishers say that my device is not on their compatibility list, so they will not sell me the software.

Now I know, because I've tried it, that the software will run on my device without any problem except live updates.

So do I go without the app, or get a pirated version?

I have been regularly checking the compatibility list for updates, without success.

  Þ² 09:13 26 Jun 2010

PCA rules dictate the answer here.

Go without but tell the publishers that the software does run in pirated form, *cough* you read it on the interweb that it does...

  Kevscar1 09:14 26 Jun 2010

Simple if you are an honest man you don't buy pirated stuff

  tullie 09:42 26 Jun 2010

Why tell them what device you have,if they ask give them a device thats compatible.

  morddwyd 09:46 26 Jun 2010

"can't you offer to sign a waiver giving up all your rights to return the software?"

Of course, but that would also mean giving up my normal consumer rights as well.

It is not unknown for software to fail, and I would be £100 out of pocket with no redress.

Not a chance I think I'd like to take.

Also like to apologise to FE for my original post.

As Þ² says I am in breach of forum rules in seeking advice on pirated software, I was a bit thoughtless.

  Þ² 10:28 26 Jun 2010

he already said in the OP that he's tried a pirate copy.

  Þ² 10:33 26 Jun 2010

I didn't say you breached the rules, I don't think you have. I said the rules dictate the answer as in we can't encourage you to use pirate software.

  morddwyd 11:06 26 Jun 2010

"he already said in the OP that he's tried a pirate copy."

I didn't, simply that I tried a copy.

I have a very co-operative friend who de-activated his copy and let me try it.

I know he could buy another copy on my behalf.

  Þ² 11:24 26 Jun 2010

And that's the definition of 'pirate'... to use without permission of the right's holder.

You used the software and you are unlicensed to do so.

  Þ² 11:27 26 Jun 2010

Apostrophe in the wrong place but meh!


  Jameslayer 11:56 26 Jun 2010

If he deactived the software on the other device. And then installed it on another. Then did the same. So depending on the licence is for it to be used on 1 device then whats the problem.

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