Pipex slow again? New ISP ?

  john bunyan 17:12 27 Sep 2008

Sat pm Cant get into "My pipex" to check and blacklist spam. Their site slow for days. E Mails to support sent back undelivered ( will double check I used right address but I think I did.)Variable and slow downloads (sometimes below 1 Mbps) whereas in July I got up to 5.(up to 8 contract). I am nearly ready to change ISP's ,thinking of Zen or any good one that allows monthly rolling contract - will not accept a long term one. (I have this with Pipex, exceptionally) Also UK based support.Any comments or suggestion? Only want broadband, 8 mbps, not a package with phone etc..

  john bunyan 18:04 27 Sep 2008

Sorry wrong forum . Can someone switch this to Helproom or Consumerwatch?

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