Pioneer one & the way forwards for film makers!

  Autoschediastic 12:35 30 Jun 2011

This is a very intresting Idea has anyone seen the American series "Pioneer one" if you have and enjoyed it like everyone ive spoke too! then you must view their site.

It is a utterly fantastic sci-fi idea and the plot is awesome but what is more intresting is how the film makers are releasing and funding the whole project? never before have i seen such a unorthodox way!

Anyone in the world can download the complete series (1-4)for FREE from their website at a incredible high speed (2.5mb) and to pay for the whole shebang they are asking for donations only! if viewers want to see another series then the donations MUST be met to keep the project running! They also make a very big thing out of stating for downloading it no one is breaking ANY legal laws! u just need a p2p engine to be able to download the films/series.

Is this the way forwards for film makers.? will the likes of Hollywood catch onto this idea? personally i think the idea is fantastic and for the fact they are letting anyone download it i will be donating..its just a very respectable way to offer such an amazing programme..



  Forum Editor 17:37 30 Jun 2011

An object from space spreads radiation over North America. Fearing terrorism, U.S. Homeland Security agents are dispatched to investigate and contain the damage. What they discover is a forgotten relic of the old Soviet space program whose return to Earth will have implications for the entire world.

The first series was available to download over a year ago, and as far as I'm aware it wasn't exactly a runaway success financially. A project based on a voluntary donation download system has to be very good indeed to stand a chance of being financially viable.

  OTT_B 19:04 30 Jun 2011

"Is this the way forwards for film makers.? will the likes of Hollywood catch onto this idea?"

Possibly for small independents, and no for Hollywood. Hollywood (or major TV studio) budgets are way in excess of the kinds of donations that this kind of project would ever bring in. To give an idea, Stargate SG1 I think used to have a budget of about $2m per episode.....times 214 episodes over 10 years = $428 million at a rate of $42.8m a year. I can't see people donating at that kind of rate.

Might download and watch this. See what it's like!

  Colin 20:09 30 Jun 2011

I thought trailers were meant to show how good the show is. I think I could have done better with my digital camera. Great dubbing on the Donald Sutherland lookalike!

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