The photographer is gone

  lisa02 15:46 08 Sep 2006

Taking 'digital' photographs require no skills at all - the days of paying a superficial character hundreds is gone. You can achieve the same with equipment costing less than their fees and the result is your own; both the equipment and the images.

  Stuartli 15:49 08 Sep 2006

Utter nonsense.

Oviously the equipment is important, but it's whose holding the camera and the way in which a photograph is created at the time that's the key part.

A good photographer can turn the mundane into the exceptional.

  lisa02 15:51 08 Sep 2006

"To Let" is now common beneath the signs of photographers' premises all to common.

  lisa02 15:53 08 Sep 2006

'exceptional' is in the eye of the beholder unlike hard earned cash wasted.

  Stuartli 16:02 08 Sep 2006

I'm talking about ANY photographer, not merely a professional.

To be honest I haven't seen many "To Let" signs at local photographers' premises - in fact at least two of them are world renowned and charge prices to match.

But, believe it or not, both are worth every penny, just as with anyone who is highly skilled, no matter what their work or profession.

  lisa02 16:05 08 Sep 2006

<I'm talking about ANY photographer, not merely a professional.>

Someone that owns a camera then is what your saying "ANY photographer"

  GANDALF <|:-)> 16:34 08 Sep 2006

There is a huge difference between amatuer photos and the ones from a professional. I can assurre you that t is not the equipment and never has is the eye.


  €dstowe 17:00 08 Sep 2006

There is much more to taking a photograph than clicking a button on a box of tricks.

"Baby on the rug", "family portrait" and formal wedding photographers are going out of business because nobody wants their work any more.

I employ two dedicated photographers and three photgraphers who also do art work. None of them have ever done, or have an interest in, the type of work that used to lie behind the premises that you say have To Let signs outside. They are always very busy.

If you want to see some REAL photographs, have a look at some of GANDALF <|:-)>'s work. I'm sure he'll supply a link to his web site.

  ade.h 17:15 08 Sep 2006

I have to echo the above comments. Absolute tosh. I know plenty of people who have digital cameras of varying degrees of sophistication and the ones who could not take a decent photo if they tried still cannot do so now. The really good ones can take stunning images with 40 yr old manual Pentaxes.

  Stuartli 17:42 08 Sep 2006

Well actually one of the cameras I have is a Pentax Spotmatic rather than a manual...:-)

I've been both an amateur and professional photographer for some 56 years and, as you and others in common with me point out, it's the person using the camera that's the critical factor.

  octal 17:56 08 Sep 2006

Interesting, I spent 13 years in the photographic trade as a technician, so I know a fair bit about photography. I asked one of the top London photographers who I was doing some work for why all my photographs came out as rubbish, he said no disrespect but it was probably because I was an engineer and was trying to be too analytical when I took the photograph which inhibited my creative side, fair comment because my wife seems to be able to pick a Box Brownie up and take some wonderful pics, I've given up trying.

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