A photo from a few years back

  paddyjack 22:57 24 Feb 2008

Discussing photos with a friend recently and I remembered a photo on here that just looked like any ordinary photo, until you started to zoom in on it and then the detail came alive. From memory I think it was displaying some form of photo compression. The question is does anybody remember the photo or the link to it?

I think it was about 5 years ago. I know a very long shot.

But thanks in anticipation.

  bluto1 23:33 24 Feb 2008

God bless you mate, I'm Irish and very positive and optimistic in character, but........

  paddyjack 23:40 24 Feb 2008

bluto 1 at the time we all discussed it, even the FE if memory serves me right. I am very optimistic of a positive answer.

  Demora 08:47 25 Feb 2008

Could it be here click here

Only guessing.


  paddyjack 11:41 25 Feb 2008

Demora no not that, it was a landscape you could zoom in and virtually read the car number plates it was an amazing photograph.

  Rigga 15:03 25 Feb 2008

> click here <

Simliar. R.

  cruiser2 15:05 25 Feb 2008

Have just tried it. Absolutely brilliant

  paddyjack 16:06 25 Feb 2008

X7-250 thanks not the one I had in mind but it will suffice to show the person what can be achieved.

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