Photo Comp. Is it just me?

  MAJ 18:51 05 Mar 2010

Now, I'm not being nasty, I'm not in a bad mood, I'm not looking for an argument, I'm not 'flaming' and I'm not trying to offend anyone.
I went along to the poll to vote for my fav piccy because I had a little time to spare and after looking through all ten I found I couldn't vote for any of them, never mind pick a first, second and third, they're all so samey, equally (if you'll forgive me) boring. There isn't one that you couldn't pick out of anyone's hoiday snaps. I also know that this isn't a photography site but I was looking forward to something that jumped out of the screen at me. Is it just me?

  folsom 19:42 05 Mar 2010

No it's not just you, I found the whole lot very much of a muchness and did little to inspire me to vote for any of them.

  OTT_B 19:49 05 Mar 2010

There's not much there that breaks new ground in photography, but certainly some of the shots (for me) were extremely well composed. I found the same witht he summer photo competition, to the point where I only voted for one picture, not 3.

  jack 19:59 05 Mar 2010

Did either of you submit any?

In saying this, I speak from many years of submitting work to comps and exhibitions and found that when my work was either ignored or came in low the finalists were not anything to speak of either
It is a very subjective business and you have to get into the judges/selectors mind- before considering what to submit.

  MAJ 20:08 05 Mar 2010

Yes I know "This then begs the question" jack and I should have answered that in my original post because I knew it wouldn't be long before it was asked. No I didn't enter, but does that disqualify me from being able to ask the question?

  OTT_B 20:40 05 Mar 2010

No, I dodn't enter a phot in either the winter or the summer competitions. My photography is usually not good enough, although i do sometimes get the odd lucky shot. But as MAJ has implied, having an opinion on the entries does not mean that I have to be able to do better. If it did then many an art critic would be out of a job.

  Quickbeam 20:52 05 Mar 2010

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder an' all that...

  Quickbeam 20:53 05 Mar 2010

Talking of pictures, isn't Brumas due on anytime soon?

  Forum Editor 23:15 05 Mar 2010

Well, seeing as you asked, yes, I think it is.

This isn't a photo magazine site, and when we were selecting the top ten images we all thought the standard was pretty high. The whole idea of an audience voting system is to involve everyone, and of course there will be differing opinions, but that needn't interfere with the judging, should it?

Just select the pictures you like best, and if you don't like any of them, don't vote. The subject of the competition was 'winter', and I have no trouble selecting three pictures that illustrate the theme perfectly. I'm not overly analytical when it comes to the technicalities because I'm not a Pro photographer, and I'm not interested in whether a shot is slightly over or under exposed, etc.

  DANZIG 23:16 05 Mar 2010

I thought they were all good actually, and have voted for my three - one of which REALLY stood out.

  MAJ 00:03 06 Mar 2010

"Well, seeing as you asked, yes, I think it is."

Apparently not, FE.

I did say that I knew it wasn't a photograhy site. I wasn't expecting a photo of an heroic fireman carrying a half frozen motorist from a swollen river nor a photo of a Cumbrian farmer carrying a starving lamb over his shoulder down from a drift covered mountain pasture, but I was honestly expecting something between my examples and the shortlist posted.

"The subject of the competition was 'winter', and I have no trouble selecting three pictures that illustrate the theme perfectly."

Neither have I FE, I can see nine that do the same, but that wasn't my point, I was looking forward to something more interesting. It's not the technical side (slightly out of focus, taken from the wrong angle, etc.) that I'm talking about, it's the subject.

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