Phone in votes

  DANZIG 07:48 15 Dec 2008

After the new controversy caused by the phone in voting on 'Strictly Come Dancing', would anyone ever phone in to vote for anything on TV again?

Personally speaking I don't and have always viewed it as a con anyway, but there must be some people out there that do and no doubt get a bit of pleasure from it.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 08:20 15 Dec 2008

If people are stupid/sad enough to spend a pound phoning to cast a pointless vote for an equally pointless show, then they deserve to lose their money. People pony up for a TV licence, then pony up for their Sky rental and then are charged for the privilege of voting on a show that has no meaning...truly gormless. I cannot see why people bother. These same people probably complain if they have to pay 4p/minute on a helpline /sigh


  Pine Man 08:30 15 Dec 2008

'would anyone ever phone in to vote for anything on TV again?'

Never done it and never going to start.

  DANZIG 08:37 15 Dec 2008

I have to agree with both of those posts, but there are evidently thousands upon thousands of people out there that DO vote in these things.

However, I don't know any of them...or at least any of them that will admit to it....

  interzone55 08:47 15 Dec 2008

Listening to the radio yesterday someone was winging because they'd voted 28 times for one act on X Factor and they hadn't won - £28 down the toilet then.

These are the people who can't be bothered getting off the fat backsides to vote in elections but they'll willingly give huge sums of money to Simon Cowell & Davina McColl every weekend...

  JanetO 08:55 15 Dec 2008

I can only hope this type of TV will fade and they'll bring back decent all-round family entertainment on Saturdays.

  DANZIG 09:05 15 Dec 2008

I don't like these kind of Sat' Eve' programmes either (thankfully I'm at work when they're on!), but there are millions of people who do like them.

I have to agree with JanetO though and hope they do fade away, but what would replace them?

Noel's House Party?

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