Phone Spam

  interzone55 08:49 24 Mar 2010

I know we've discussed this before, but this is a new slant I think.

Last Thursday afternoon I had a BT phone line installed, with a new number as I'm pretty sure BT don't recycle old numbers, at least not in our area.

I've opted for ex-directory with the BT Privacy option to register with TPS.

Anyway, last night I got a call with a withheld number. One of those recorded messages asking if you've had a loan with payment protection.

Now I've given my number to no-one outside my family, so this company are breaking the rules on a number of accounts.

a) they're withholding their number, which call centres are not supposed to do
b) they're auto-dialling random numbers, which again they're not supposed to do
c) they're not consulting the TPS list for numbers they shouldn't dial.

So I'll repeat what I said in the last thread on a similar topic.
Why do these companies think they'll generate business by *[email protected]:ing people off?????

  birdface 09:18 24 Mar 2010

TPS usually takes up to a month for it to take affect after registering.
Maybe complain to BT see what they say.
Since I registered with TPS I must admit I cannot remember ever getting any more unsolicited phone calls.

  PalaeoBill 09:30 24 Mar 2010

There are a whole host of reasons why you may have got that call.
BT recycle numbers after 6 months and so you could well have a number that is on a cold call database.
The TPS registration takes time to filter through (several months).
Call centres operated from outside the UK are not subject to TPS.
These companies really do generate business in this way, even when the person is registered with TPS and annoyed by the call; I have come across some pretty smooth tongued sales people over the years. It may seem incredible but it works.
Lastly, your call could well be a scam; the caller dials at random, hoping to wheedle your credit card details for a 'registration' fee.
Have you had a look at TrueCall?
click here

  bjh 10:03 24 Mar 2010

BT only leave phone numbers dormant when they have spare capacity, otherwise you get one that has recently been in use... as I have just found out to my chagrin. I've registered with TPS and am ex-directory, but the previous user of the number was a loans/debts/shopaholic, so the number is on every damn sales list there is.

Most irritating of all at the moment is an automated call that (presumably because there are insufficient operators for the calls they make) rings and, on answering, after a pause of three seconds just gives an automated and mechanical "Goodbye". I can't even rant, I can't moan, I can't play any of the tricks I get puerile pleasure from.

(I have tried various options on different sales persons... trying "Yes" to every question they ask, whispering, lisping, talking veryveryfastindeed, claiming the cat has just died in my arms (Oh, that might have been a breath... no, no, I think he's passed.. no, that WAS a breath... oh, no, it was wind)... But, then I feel guilty, as they are just trying to make a living....)

  jack 10:15 24 Mar 2010

TPS is not perfect as outlined
Local firms will simply rip up a directory and pass it to staff to do a 30 minute ringaround -
Will makers are like this. as are local trades people.
So get an instrument that has caller I/D and pick up on only those you know.

  Chris the Ancient 17:08 24 Mar 2010

I'm with you as far as trueCall is concerned.

I bought one a while back and find it a boon in that the phone can be made to reject calls from certain types of number or from specific numbers.

Then you can have the added filter of calls going either to the answerphone or actually allowing the phone to ring!

P.S. I have no attachment to trueCall - apart from owning one.

  PalaeoBill 17:28 24 Mar 2010

Spot on, its the best £79 I ever spent. I have no attachment to them either.
If I could just get a filter on my mobile it would be bliss.

  morddwyd 20:31 24 Mar 2010

Still trying to get my TrueCall to work.

At the moment I lose broadband when I connect it up, and support are as baffled as I am.

  canarieslover 20:43 24 Mar 2010

I just give an enquiring "Hallo?" 10 or more times and ignore anything they say. They give up eventually. I registered with TPS about 5 years ago and although it made a difference for a while I have found that I have got progressively more cold calls over the last year or so.

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