Phone someone on my next flexible friend

  TopCat® 14:32 30 Nov 2012

Flexible is indeed the word here as the mind boggles at the various 'punishment' these coming new phones can survive. Once they start appearing next year I'll bet the insurance industry will not be long in outlining just what they will or will not pay out on, concerning these phones. flexible friend

Anyone here thinking of buying one? I'll see how the take-up goes at launch before deciding if it's for me. TC.

  Al94 16:12 30 Nov 2012

Wish my Samsung Galaxy S3 had been flexible, jumped into the car with it in my back pocket and cracked the screen last week, insured fortunately!

  spuds 16:16 30 Nov 2012

If and when it comes on-stream, there will be long queues wanting to purchase the 'must have' device, which will 'improve' on their recently purchased other 'must haves'.

Reminds me a bit of the roll-up piano keyboard or roll-up drum kit that was going to be all the rage :O)

  BT 17:44 30 Nov 2012

Don't you remember the old Access Credit Card was marketed as 'Your Flexible Friend'

A shopkeeper snapped mine in half. He answered the phone while holding it and started 'flexing' it with the inevitable result. He managed to stick it together with Sellotape so that it would still fit into the old imprinting machine.

There was a certain amount of amusement when I phoned the company to request a replacement.

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