Petrol going up 2.5p

  techie4me 17:37 28 Sep 2007

1st October is the day for petrol to go up 2.5p a litre.
Will people except this or will fuel protests come back?

  Cymro. 17:40 28 Sep 2007

Will people except this or will fuel protests come back?

I hope very much not as I had very little sympathy for them last time.

  techie4me 17:50 28 Sep 2007

I also hope not!
The cost of a litre of Unleaded near me varies from 93.9p to 98.9p.
But this is why some petrol companies have installed new pumps so that when the magical £1 barrier is broken they will be fully equipped for it!

  rdave13 17:56 28 Sep 2007

Petrol price rise means everything will rise. What a downer for a Friday night..

  STREETWORK 18:03 28 Sep 2007

There is only one word for it 'TAX'

  pj123 18:18 28 Sep 2007

techie4me, I think it is "accept" not "except". But yes, of course we will accept it. We do it every time.

We might moan about it but we still drive our cars whatever price the fuel is.

  techie4me 18:45 28 Sep 2007

Well done for spotting the mistake you win a years supply of my own home made beer.
Will send it through cyber space, will be with you shortly;-)

  Belatucadrus 19:22 28 Sep 2007

It's not as if they need to add more duty anyway, the high oil price means they're getting more in VAT anyway, it's a double whammy.

  spuds 19:33 28 Sep 2007

Spend £50 in Tesco's or use one of their credit cards and they will knock 2p off a litre.

  techie4me 19:35 28 Sep 2007

It's spend over £50 at my local Tescos & get 5p a litre off!

  Bingalau 19:35 28 Sep 2007

5p off a litre in our local Tesco if you spend £50 or more.

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