Pete Doherty

  Kaacee 20:46 21 Aug 2007

What an absolute farce, but should we be surprised...he should have been sentenced to a spell in prison months ago..instead we get a judge asking for his autograph....enough said in regard to the out of touch so called law enforcers in this washed up country

  Kev.Ifty 20:51 21 Aug 2007

Teflon Pete

Just in case you weren't aware click here

  Kaacee 21:51 21 Aug 2007

Thanks Kev.Ifty, didn't see earlier thread

  Legolas 10:41 25 Aug 2007

I'm not sure a jail sentence would do him much good but he still should not avoid one because of who he is, also youngsters seeing how he can get away with it will feel they also can flout the law and get away with. Some people have little regard for the law as it is without some idiot of a judge reinforcing their belief.

  SANTOS7 10:45 25 Aug 2007

Legolas, Hit the nail on the screw there!! the judges in these cases are as much a waste of DNA as Pete Docherty is i have no time for this cretin who i am sure is a role model for who think it is OK to follow by example....

  Legolas 11:08 25 Aug 2007

On the whole question of crime and people getting away with it. I watched a programme a while ago about crime in New York. 10 years ago New York was one of the most dangerous cities in the USA. When Rudolph Giuliani became mayor he introduced a zero tolerance approach to crime you were brought to account for anything from dropping litter to jay walking, he believed that many people committing low level crime went on to commit more serious crime, after 10 years of this policy New York is now one of the safest cities in the USA.

If people see that crime will not be tolerated in any shape or form from the apparent trivial to the more serious then they will start to respect the law something that is sadly lacking in Great Britain today.

I'm sure there was more to it than I have outlined here but whatever he did it worked. Unfortunately we would get the Human Rights brigade bleating on about it but I say ignore them and begin to bring back law and order to our streets.

  jack 11:12 25 Aug 2007

The unfortunate part of all this is it attracts the media like wasps to a jam jar.
If the press ignored his antics as a non event - as they are.
Then he will gradually realize the people are simply not interested.
By the by - does he sell many records?

  Legolas 11:19 25 Aug 2007

I hope not

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