A Personnel Letter from Local Councillor

  jakimo 14:03 26 Apr 2010

was received today from the Conservative candidate,it had a Royal Mail 2nd class stamp,and addressed to me personally,she gave a rundown on what she had done for the local community in the last 6 years,and what was planned for the future.

The opposition parties were noticed by their absence in the letter and were not criticised..this is a different approach to get my support than I have had in the past from a local election candidate.

  Proclaimer 14:08 26 Apr 2010

or just spat out of the printer using a list of names from the electoral registers data base...

  peter99co 14:20 26 Apr 2010

You just need to ask yourself if she supports your views and vote for her if you like what she offers.

Don't waste your vote!

Our Labour idiot had road humps installed against the wishes of the locals. Why? because they had a grant from the government to install them. Why did he not turn down the grant? because he said they would not offer it next year. Total waste of money? Yes Happy residents? no!

  spuds 17:48 26 Apr 2010

peter99co seems to have hit the nail on the head. It doesn't matter who you elect as a local councillor, because it is the party or government of the day who as the final say how 'business' is conducted. More so perhaps, when funding is offered.

We had two councillor's covering our area, both belonging to the same mainstream party and fairly new to the job. One of them became very disillusioned about the way things were, and how the electorate were being treated, so they left the party to go Independent. Due to increasing pressures from all areas, the person had the only option but to resign, and that councillor post is now vacant.

Remember the Clay Cross councillor's, and how the government stepped in there?.

  Kev.Ifty 00:48 27 Apr 2010

Ain't that 30 odd years ago?

If our politics is going to go back to the past.

Under the Tories you would be paying £14 for every thousand you owe on your mortgage.

So if you owe Ten thousand thats £140. Fifty grand it goes up a bit. One Hundred thousand. Which ain't that much... £1400 per month.

Over £1000 a month on my mortgage. I will want Change. I'll be sitting in the street begging for it.

  ronalddonald 13:03 30 Apr 2010

Ive received them from conservative, labour and the lib demos. All asking me to vote for them so i decided to vote for marmite

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