Personality traits on social media analysed

  oresome 09:32 02 Nov 2016

to calculate the premium for your car insurance.

Come across as cocksure of yourself and the premium will rise. Take a more considered approach to life and you'll get more favourable terms.

From this point forward, I will not engage in arguments with fellow forum members or become assertive. I will listen to your point of view and welcome it as a valuable contribution to any debate.


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  Proclaimer 20:56 02 Nov 2016

Nothing to worry about there.

"It is aimed at first-time drivers or owners – although anyone with a licence can apply. The scheme is voluntary, and will only offer discounts rather than price increases, which could be worth up to £350 a year. "

  bumpkin 21:55 02 Nov 2016

The phrase "up to" rears it's ugly head again, could mean zero if they do not like your attitude. I all depends on how the premium was set in the first place, no point in getting £350 off a £2000 policy if you can get the same thing elsewhere for £1500 without the "discount".

  oresome 09:00 03 Nov 2016

Whether one likes that kind of media (I don't use it) or not that is not its intended purpose.

What do you believe is the intended purpose of social media sites Bumpkin, from the perspective of the site owners?

  Forum Editor 17:14 03 Nov 2016

People who run social media sites do not do it because they just love the fun of it all - they will understandably seek to monetise the operation in various ways.

We are all consumers in one way or another, and we have the final say where commercial organisations are concerned. If we don't like product A we can choose to buy product B, and if a service from company C is too pricey, we are free to buy it from company D. That's how consumerism works, and anyone who runs a business has to understand it.

If I don't like the premium being asked by one insurer, I'll investigate until I (hopefully) find another company prepared to offer me a lower price. There will almost always be one, because competition is the name of the game.

Insurers who think they can make more money by snooping on our social media activities will discover they have made a big mistake, as will any social media organisation which is an accessory to the process.

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