Personal hygiene & broadband

  CurlyWhirly 19:34 01 Dec 2004

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Can this really be true?
I mean how can broadband be blamed for people letting themselves go?
Below is a quote from the website:

"Scarily, 57% of those surveyed even believe their toilet is cleaner than their keyboard."

I do spend a lot more time online now since I upgraded to broadband but not to the extent of my personal hygiene!

  VoG II 19:42 01 Dec 2004

You should see my ashtray (I mean, keyboard)...

  CurlyWhirly 19:44 01 Dec 2004


  Dorsai 19:47 01 Dec 2004

You should see my Ashtray. I mean my Ashtray...

A slob is a slob...And generally they blame anything but them self. If it was not BB it would be the DVD, the vcr, the game console, Tv soaps, the distance between the ashtray and the bin.

  CurlyWhirly 19:53 01 Dec 2004

I agree. In my opinion broadband is the BEST thing to have happened to the internet for many years and these slobs are trying to pass the buck and blame something else.

What they should do is go back to dial-up and then they can look forward to waiting ages for web pages to load and in the meantime they will have plenty of time to go to the bathroom and have a wash! lol

  Mr Mistoffelees 20:36 01 Dec 2004

Having broadband has helped me with my personal hygiene. I can now scrape the dirt off my face with my old PCI V90 modem.

  stalion 22:03 01 Dec 2004

at what speed?

  Starfox 23:21 01 Dec 2004

Then again 77% of people surveyed admitted that 67% of the time 23% of the problem was attributable to a 48% drop in 63% of accuracy in 92% of the 28% that failed to complete 100% of the survey. :o)

  CurlyWhirly 06:28 02 Dec 2004


  Dan the Confused 07:43 02 Dec 2004

'15 per cent have enjoyed a cigarette while surfing'

Then 15% of those surveyed were smokers.

'57 per cent of those surveyed even believe their toilet is cleaner than their keyboard'

This is probably true, I regularly bleach my toilet but never bleach my keyboard.

'...sent a selection of keyboards to labs for testing. It found particles under the keys ranging from jam and fatty potato-based crumbs to finger nail clippings and pubic hairs'

Put your hand down the side of your sofa.

  CurlyWhirly 07:46 02 Dec 2004

I can understand things like jam getting in between the keyboard keys and nail clippings but pubic hairs - no way!

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