Personal Data Collection - How does it affect you?

  johndrew 15:02 04 Sep 2014

I am aware this subject has been broached on several occasions but found some of the personal comment within this article of interest. Obviously if you are a law abiding citizen you should have nothing to fear, however there could be a case of being in the wrong place at the wrong time as an innocent by-stander.

Whilst the facility for data tracking may be valuable for genuine intelligence gathering, what if there are those who for whatever reason choose to use such data for other reasons. Some may not worry who knows where they were/are and what was written/sent electronically either en-route or on location, for others it could be crucial even when on legitimate business.

Do you have an opinion on the level of privacy you should be afforded?

  spuds 16:43 04 Sep 2014

"Do you have an opinion on the level of privacy you should be afforded?"

Me personally no, but I do get rather paranoid when I see people, especially the younger generation, driving around with tinted out windows on the motor vehicle they are driving?.

  Forum Editor 17:11 04 Sep 2014


As a matter of interest, why does that make you paranoid?

  lotvic 20:49 04 Sep 2014

spuds, How do you know it's the younger generation if the windows are tinted out?

It could be the men in black suits...

  Aitchbee 22:22 04 Sep 2014

seriously, I stopped using my local public libraries about 14 years ago 'cos I was a bit paranoid that the local authorities might garner a pschological profile [on me] based on the 'subversive' literature I was borrowin' at the time, namely Orwell, Dahl, Blyton, Herge etc ...

  spuds 11:22 05 Sep 2014

Forum Editor

"As a matter of interest, why does that make you paranoid?"

It doesn't really, it was more of a tongue in cheek comment to hopefully bring some activity to the forum.

Regarding the tinted or blacked out windows scenerio, and thinking a little more about it, it does seem to be on the increase, especially with the younger generation who are modifying their vehicles with big bore exhausts and the above mentioned tints. There must be some concern on this issue, because the police in my location are clamping down on this practice, and I suspect other police forces are following the same policy?.

  BT 11:47 05 Sep 2014


As you are no doubt aware there is a legal limit to the amount of tint that can be on windscreens and front side windows on cars, purely on a safety issue, and police will take action if they catch you with overtinted windows, and they have a gadget to measure the light transmission. The majority of cars have slightly tinted side windows as standard, and often the rear ones are more heavily tinted.

The fad for youngsters (mainly) modifying their cars and putting heavy tints on the front windows is akin to wearing 'Hoodies' i.e. the desire to be anonymous although the sometimes extreme paintjobs etc. on their cars makes them anything but. The other stupid fad is to 'black out' their rear lights to make them dim. I saw one chap on one of the police reality shows who had stretched black ladies stockings over the rear lens clusters on his car to try to achieve this. The cops were in stitches after they had booked him and made him remove the stockings.

  bumpkin 11:47 05 Sep 2014

Only a certain level of tinting is permitted for safety reasons although many who wish to have tinted windows are either unaware of this or choose to ignore it.The police quite rightly are bringing to their attention.

  bumpkin 12:09 05 Sep 2014

Edit. it to their attention

  spuds 12:18 05 Sep 2014

We seem to have possibly gone off track from the original subject that I assume johndrew intended?.

Personal Data collection as gone on by leaps and bounds over the past few years, but there is still quite a lot of work to do, perhaps especially on vehicles that have been modified and the insurance or authorities have not collected this further data, until an incident takes place, or even then?.

BT - Hoodies did come to mind, including Cameron's 'Hug an Hoodie' campaign!.

For those that are interested about legal tints, a YouTube video click here

  bumpkin 13:39 05 Sep 2014

Pipped me at the post BT:-) or was it a photo finish:-)

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