Perhaps it's time

  karmgord 18:45 11 Mar 2010

Perhaps it's time the police spent more resources stopping yobs hounding people and less time pursuing the motorist.

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P.S I know action was dropped after media publicity.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 19:04 11 Mar 2010

Money can be accrued off motorists. Yobs tend to be borassic. I'm sure that the two sentences are not related.


  Forum Editor 19:10 11 Mar 2010

the police spent more resources stopping yobs hounding people and less time pursuing the motorist."

Perhaps it's time we made up our minds to fund a police service that could do both. Pursuing motorists who break the law is still important - some people talk about it as though it's OK to drive at breakneck speed, but not OK to throw stones at someone's window. Surely it's not OK to do either?

  karmgord 19:48 11 Mar 2010

I'm know catching people who don't wear a seat belt is important,and in an ideal world there would be endless money to fund the Police,but back in the REAL world where money is tight I think the police should re think their priorities.
Personally I would rather the police (OFTEN 2 OFFICERS) that wait on the M11 off slip at Loughton catching motorists not wearing their seat belts, spent their time cruising around in an area car preventing anti social behavior.
P.S I would like to point out I am seat belt exempt so I've NOT been caught and ranting.

  robgf 19:59 11 Mar 2010

There is a chap in my village who has the same problem, tormented by youths.
He has cameras and police visits etc. But all the police do, is have a chat with the youths, warn the home owner not to defend himself or he will be in trouble and then the police leave, with the youths still causing abuse.
I don't know why the police never take action, perhaps they are scared, they do look scared when confronting gangs in the village.

  ronalddonald 19:59 11 Mar 2010

what happened to tax payer money that is meant to fund the police resources funded by councils and directly from the government.

Something seriously has gone wrong the way the police do things ie to curb anti social behavior when in fact to much emphasis is in catching drivers.

  morddwyd 20:25 11 Mar 2010

Oh God!

Not the poor put upon drivers again.

  karmgord 20:34 11 Mar 2010

No the poor victims of yobs that are being neglected!

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  carver 08:51 12 Mar 2010

The main problem is that if they have to sort out disputes that occur on the street then they have to use their brain, this is something that a few police officers do not appear to have.

When they question a suspect that might have caused trouble they can get multiple answers, but if they stop a motorist they then only have to deal with simple yes/no answers.

So you see the problem, either try and sort out a bunch of youths causing problems and the police officer may not get a tick in their crime solved box or pull over a driver, difficult decision.

  Kevscar1 13:23 12 Mar 2010

Try and understand it from the Polices side.
It is not easy working out who is in the right or wrong, during my training I did an execise. Call to a distressed woman. She was crying screaming said the offender had hit her threatened to kill her etc. Turned to the offender he was agitated saying it wasn't him she had attacked him as he walked down the road and he had just defended himself. Looked scruffy, shifty obviously lying so I arrested him and as I put the cuffs on him she stuck a rubber knife in my back.
Remember the recent case arrested for rape, life ruined because it was a false allegation.
How many of you would want to be in the posiotn of having to make those sorts of decision.
Yes police do get it wrong, yes sometimes nothing is done and thats disgusting but to say that few police officers have brains is just as disgusting.

  karmgord 21:15 12 Mar 2010

My post is aimed at the policy makers be it M Ps or Chief constables, not the front line officers.

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