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A perfect illustration of the shrinking world

  Forum Editor 14:38 25 Feb 2017

is this.

Moving a piece of kit this size is a challenge at the best of times. Moving it about 11,000 nautical miles without dropping it over the side must be a frightening prospect.

  wee eddie 15:34 25 Feb 2017

Whilst not trying to diminish the achievement.

In the 60's, my Mothers Family Business, T&J Harrison, had a Ship Carrier. The MV Author" I believe it was named, which flooded itself, a smaller ship was taken on between the bow and the after castle and then the hull was pumped out and the Author refloated with a ship on its deck

  Matt. 15:46 25 Feb 2017

  wee eddie 16:28 25 Feb 2017

I must have got the name wrong, because she had no mid structure and huge lifting gear fore and aft of the low central deck area,

Harrisons were known as "Two fat and one lean" referring to the funnels which had two white stripes and one central red stripe

  wee eddie 16:30 25 Feb 2017

They were also the owners of the SS Politician, around the grounding of which Whisky Galore was written

  LastChip 17:34 25 Feb 2017

I wonder how much the insurance was for that? I'm glad I'm not paying the bill.

  Southern born 18:57 25 Feb 2017

This is not that unusual. Dockwise Vanguard

is purpose built for this sort of thing.

Although only 3,500 tons HMS Nottingham was brought back to the UK from Australia after hitting "the biggest rock in the World"

1]: [click here

  VCR97 18:58 25 Feb 2017

The RN destroyer HMS Nottingham had to be returned to UK on a recovery ship after grounding on Lord Howe Island. Pictures here (I hope)enter link description here

  Southern born 18:59 25 Feb 2017

Sorry, I thought that I had put the link to the Dockwise Vanguard in the link and not below, Nottingham was brought back by a totally different vessel.

  Forum Editor 22:52 25 Feb 2017

"This is not that unusual."

The difference is, this oil platform weighs 31,000 tons and is as high as an 18 storey building.

  Southern born 06:54 26 Feb 2017

The difference is, this oil platform weighs 31,000 tons and is as high as an 18 storey building.

I am aware of the size of the oil platform that you referred to but as my link shows the Jack/St. Malo was 53,000 tons and the Dockwise Vanguard is designed to carry 105,000 tons.

I agree that the height is a consideration but oil rigs are always tall and it is not unusual to move them around this way.

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