People of the world,rise up!

  Forum Editor 19:08 15 Oct 2011

"On October 15th, we will meet on the streets to initiate the global change we want. We will peacefully demonstrate, talk and organize until we make it happen."

Can anyone tell me how these people are going to 'make it happen', and what 'it' is?

  john bunyan 19:20 15 Oct 2011

This is a pathetic series of world wide protests by anti - capitalists and other fringe "nutters" who somehow blame the recent finacial problems all on "greedy bankers" rather than facing the fact that many countries and individuals have borrowed excessively to improve their stanard of living, and now the money has run out!

  Flak999 19:26 15 Oct 2011

Just the usual bunch of disaffected rabble-rouser's and anarchists, supplemented by some of the populace of the nations that are facing swingeing tax increases.

It's been a nice day and if you enjoy the company of other like minded individuals (unlike AitchBEE!) it's something to while away the time I suppose?

As for what It is, I don't think they know and probably most don't care, it's just an excuse for a rowdy day out. I think most of us with an ounce of reason know that this demonstration will not change a thing, as Mrs T once said You can’t 'buck the market' Our World wide economic difficulties will play themselves out in the same old way.

  morddwyd 19:59 15 Oct 2011

Quote from my Unemployment post

"In ten years time the money men will be running the world, like they always have done, and like they always will do"

  badgery 20:30 15 Oct 2011

Possibly these protesters just feel that the present situation of the growing imbalance of wealth and power needs to be looked at.

As I've said previously the people 'at the bottom' see nowhere to turn to have their problems represented, whereas the wealthy control politics and how much (or little) the poor get in this world. It is a recipe for disaster, and the instant communications now help to publicise this.

The present numbers taking part in demos is not relevant, in my opinion, it is the publicity gained that's important. All 'revolutions' start somewhere.

A few years ago I would never have considered 'those people' to be anything other than a branch of the 'great unwashed', so the fact that even I am starting to have sympathy for the general idea of unfairness probably says that many other 'unlikelies' may also begin to feel the same. From small acorns....

Time will tell.

  woodchip 22:56 15 Oct 2011

The above may seem extreme, but it shows the way people are starting to think different to what they used to. It's alright to look at them as nutters but what makes you sane enough to say they are wrong

  namtas 23:18 15 Oct 2011

It also shows how very quickly a few thousand otherwise unconnected person can be gathered together.

  Forum Editor 00:07 16 Oct 2011

"Time will tell."

I think time will tell that this will simply fizzle out. There's no substance to it, no plan, no clear purpose. This is published on one of the site pages under the heading 'What's the plan?'

"once we get into the streets organize assemblies and start talking to each other and deciding how we want to do it. Let’s build movements where each normal citizen has a voice. Let’s just sit and talk and decide in which world we want to live, and how are we going to do it."

As I suspected - no cogent plan whatsoever.

  spuds 00:11 16 Oct 2011

Perhaps you only need to think Berlin Wall, Apartheid in South Africa, Barrios in South America, Middle East conflicts to see a few like minded people might all have a common interest, and one day Martin Luther King might have been right?.

  zzzz999 07:38 16 Oct 2011

Perhaps they are protesting at the elite class accumulating wealth at the cost of everyone else. Even when the system crashes, the government takes our money and gives them it. It's theft at a governmental level. The bailouts were nothing more than theft at a massive scale. You work hard, pay tax and it literally goes to private individuals who have caused untold amounts of suffering and financial losses with their high-risk banking. Except they never bear the risk, it's the common people who take it and bear the brunt of it. It's the common people who lose their jobs, default on their mortgages, have their benefits cut. It's the public services that help the common people that get their funding cut in order to pay the bonuses of rich bankers who already earn well above the average person.

To see the way governments are lobbied, bought and paid for by corporations, well thats facism. Seeing riot police at peaceful demo's, that's also facism. That's what my Grandfathers fought against and it looks like we might have another fight on our hands. No Pasaran!

  badgery 08:12 16 Oct 2011

FE "this will simply fizzle out"

It may, or it may not. The world is seeing a rather new world-wide phenomena and it takes a brave man to be so dismissive.

It's not like a normal political party that needs aims clearly set out from the start - in my opinion it can initially be fed simply by the notion of economic 'unfairness' (and there's plenty of that around!).

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