Pen & Paper or Electronic Pocket Diary

  Zak 17:00 04 Jan 2018

I still have not bought a new 2018 pocket weekly diary and I am seriously considering to only use Google Calendar synchronising with my smartphone, PC and Tablet.

For the past 2 years I ran both systems, but progressively my pen and paper entries have drastically reduced. Handy for quick notes, but Google Keep can also serve this purpose.

Also going electronic means one less item to carry in my jacket pocket.

I would love to find out your views and whether you have made the switch.

  Forum Editor 09:19 05 Jan 2018

"So you're not too worried about this then."

Not really. If the internet goes down I can function after a fashion, because my information is all backed up locally. You can waste a lifetime worrying about what might happen.

'Make a sensible plan, and then stop worrying' is my motto.

  morddwyd 11:15 05 Jan 2018

The internet is like the EU.

There was life before it and there's still life wit hot it!

  qwbos 12:01 05 Jan 2018


Yes. Another good paranoia story to add to the threat from asteroids, solar storms, space debris etc, all of which are more likely than Vlad grabbing a pair of wirecutters, donning a wet suit and nipping down to snip a few cables.

There's probably a greater threat from the gangs of (predominantly) Romanian cable thieves.

  john bunyan 13:16 05 Jan 2018

As well as Organiser I regret the passing of Lotus Notes, Freelance and , particularly, Lotus 1 2 3 - I never qutite managed the shift to their MS equivalents, I could write long macros in 1 2 3 linked to Freelance that I cant do in Excel and PowerPoint.

  Aitchbee 21:30 07 Jan 2018

I use a magnetic whiteboard and yellow stickies near my frame-of-reference.

  Zak 16:46 08 Jan 2018

Thank you all for your interesting comments. I have decided to go down the electronic route.

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