Pen & Paper or Electronic Pocket Diary

  Zak 17:00 04 Jan 2018

I still have not bought a new 2018 pocket weekly diary and I am seriously considering to only use Google Calendar synchronising with my smartphone, PC and Tablet.

For the past 2 years I ran both systems, but progressively my pen and paper entries have drastically reduced. Handy for quick notes, but Google Keep can also serve this purpose.

Also going electronic means one less item to carry in my jacket pocket.

I would love to find out your views and whether you have made the switch.

  Forum Editor 17:44 04 Jan 2018

I have not kept a paper diary for many years. My work and personal appointment diaries are all electronic, and are all synced to all my devices.

I run a work journal/to do list in Office 365 OneNote - it is superb for that purpose, and much else besides. I use it each day for meeting notes, diagrams, photos, and just about everything I need. It's all there, on my devices and in the Microsoft Cloud whenever and wherever I need it.

I do have a filing cabinet for inbound paper documents, but I hardly produce any paperwork at all - on average I print something about once every three weeks.

Everything is backed up on external drives, and in the Cloud. As long as the internet keeps going, I'm fine.

  Smudge120 17:55 04 Jan 2018

I still get a paper diary from the company I worked for. Two years ago they said they would stop sending them to retired ex employees. There was a big outcry and we got them early in the New year instead of December.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:37 04 Jan 2018

Last year was first year I didn't use the paper diary, didn't miss it as MS calendar and Google calendar are synced.

  Menzie 19:42 04 Jan 2018

I haven't used a paper diary since the late 90s. Went digital as soon as I had software for my computer and a personal organiser.

  morddwyd 19:52 04 Jan 2018

I have been digital since the days of Psion and Lotus Organiser (arguably the besr ever!).

I currently use a PIM called Pocket Informant.

  bumpkin 20:37 04 Jan 2018

I use a paper one, it takes a few seconds to write in and review without a load of faffing about with computers.

  QuizMan 22:33 04 Jan 2018

I still stick to a paper one. I did try to use Outlook, but never really got the syncing quite right and was fed up with diary messages appearing on every bit of electronic equipment I use - PC/phone/tablet. I should probably invest some time on getting something set up, but the paper one seems to work fine for me.

  Teabag. 23:25 04 Jan 2018

Calendar in kitchen does us. First thing in the morning have a look as making a brew. Then we know what is on for the day.

Tried electronic, not impressed.

  qwbos 00:39 05 Jan 2018

As long as the internet keeps going, I'm fine.

So you're not too worried about this then. :)

  HondaMan 07:26 05 Jan 2018

I agree with morddwyd. Lotus Organiser was the best diary for computer if only because it resembled the then internationally available Filofax. I still have a copy on my iMac which I use very occasionally. I do wish someone would re-release it, suitably updated, again.

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