Pedigree or Perverse?

  Chegs ®™ 09:08 20 Aug 2008

I watched a TV program lastnight about pedigree dog breeding and was shocked at what I saw.Some breeds are so inbred that disease is prevalent.

The dogs I recall seeing were...

Alsation,the "working dog" is healthy and the "show dog" looked like a cross between an alsation front & a frog rear.The poor animals could barely walk.

Rodesian Ridgeback,their "ridge" is an anomaly and animals with the ridge also tended to suffer from a skin disease that left open holes right through to their spinal cords.It was also mentioned that perfectly healthy puppies were being "put down" for not having a ridgeback.The ridgebacks are the unhealthy ones,put them to sleep!

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel,heart disease and a skull too small for the brain leaving the animal in agony(they did try to relieve one's suffering by removing a section of skull but unfortunately it did not survive)

Pugs(and other "flat faced" breeds)heart disease,breathing difficulties and the images shown of how an animal had injured itself colliding with an object was really sickening(no protection to the eyes as inbreeding had all but removed most of its face)

All the breeds mentioned in the program had been bred following The Kennel Club guidelines on what constituted a "perfect" specimen,and throughout the program I developed a revulsion to the Kennel Club and breeders.

The program also showed pictures of before/after breeds,some pictures of the bloodhounds were distressing,dachshunds and Pekinese with such short legs that they could barely walk into the show ring yet in the old pictures these breeds were considerably taller.

They then tried to interview a show winner with a King Charles Spaniel which was diagnosed as suffering the brain too large for its skull(it has a specific name but I cannot spell this word)The interviewer asked if the show winner had bred from this dog and was told "just a few times" (was something like 34 litters this diseased dog had sired.

The program also made mention of DNA testing on the pug.There are over 10,000 pugs in the UK(I think it was just the UK)and with inbreeding,only 50 different families.Its common practise to breed mother with son,etc and when it was suggested whether humans would consider such things as "normal" there was revulsion.A high proportion of these pedigree animals were infertile and I wondered how they would survive if breeding couldnt continue,then decided I'd rather not know.

Absolutely fascinating progam(BBC1 lastnight)but disturbing the length people were prepared to go for the sake of vanity.

  Quickbeam 09:17 20 Aug 2008

is the biggest reason for genetic faults occurring in in dogs. Too many people see dog breeding as an easy way to make some cash and use any two dogs that are to hand.

If you want a well bred dog, you have to pay at the top end of the price range from a breeder that travels a distance outside the local gene pool.

It may not necessarily interest you (it doesn't me), but a pedigree with some champions on it can indicate that good breeding practice is in the mix... You don't get 'best of breeds' from backstreet breeders that only want to make a quick buck.

  peter99co 10:06 20 Aug 2008

Perverse and cruel and they should be ashamed of what they have done.

  version8 10:11 20 Aug 2008

My Sister was interested in this as she has a King Charles Cocker Spaniel & is now going to get the dogs brain scanned in case the dog is effected.

Sadly the Kennel Club do not come out of this very well.
Legal action by owners may just be around the corner.

  rickf 10:16 20 Aug 2008

I love dogs, all dogs and animals. What these breeders do is perverse and cruel to the extreme and breeding it to extinction. I hope the cause gets increasing support strong enough to lobby Parliament to legislate. The Kennel Club is in an untenable position. One of the best ways to bring about changing the rules of the KC is to boycott Crufts. This event raises £s for the KC. Money always talks!!

  lofty29 11:24 20 Aug 2008

Both the kennel club and pedigree dog breeders should be banned, their actions are disgusting and untenable, motivated soley by money. The stupidity of people who patronise them is beyond belief, if only people would not buy these poor animals then they would soon be out of buisiness, govenment will not take action because of the big money involved, as the RSPCA rep said if you caused similar pain by beating a dog then you could be taken to court. We have had a number of dogs over the years, always rescue animals who we give a good life to. I am surprised that the animal rights people do not target both the breeders and the KC

  spuds 12:00 20 Aug 2008

You only need to look at the puppy farms that sprung up a few years ago, so as to supplement and/or provide a living for some people. At the time, the legislation was totally inadequate, and it possibly still remains the same today.

Having had and trained 'Alsatians' in the past, I have a little knowledge of this breed, or at least I thought so. A few months ago, a neighbour was concerned about her new and rather expensive "isn't he cute" puppy, and the responses from the 'respected' breeder. I became involved, and it was obvious that the pup was suffering from certain things plus 'dwarfism' possibly through wrong previous breeding methods. A long story with the end results of many tears,frustrations, a full monetary refund, and the future destiny of the pup unknown. The other litter members destiny is also unknown, as the breeder was not prepared to discuss this matter 'without legal representation'.

At the present time, I own two Staffordshire Bull Terriers of unknown breeding origins, as they were rescued dogs. It was only when I became really interested in finding out more about this breed, that I sought further advice and information from some of the many Staffie rescue centres and organisations. The more you seek information, especially regarding inter breeding, the least you want to hear. There are total dog nightmares out there, and all mainly due to the fact of providing to suit the paying public market and their owners and breeders whims.

  skeletal 12:47 20 Aug 2008

Unlike rickf I hate dogs, and everything to do with them. I have known about the awful consequences of inbreeding of dogs for years and is part of the reason why I can’t stand the whole dog shebang.

I was surprised to see this program on the telly as, to me, it is old news. I would have thought all dog “lovers” would also have know.

But this, of course, is part of the problem. The term “dog lover” is mis-used. Although a self confessed “dog hater” I think the cruelty of “dog lovers” is far worse.

Let’s not forget that the original dogs (Wolves) were/are roaming pack animals. So many are bought and kept cooped up for long hours in inner city houses.

From start to finish, to breed and subsequently look after a dog so that it has a happy and healthy life requires a lot of effort from all involved. The sorry state of so many at all stages of their miserable lives in the hands of the “lovers” has always disgusted and saddened me.

With apologies to those who are genuine dog lovers.


  tillybaby 13:24 20 Aug 2008

It is absolutely disgusting what is going on in the dog breeding world with the poor animal suffering terrible pain as a result of what the kennel club says is good,

The kennel club big wig just wouldn't admit that the German Shepherd x frog was a mess and said it was the working Shepherd that was at fault. How on earth a poor dog that can hardly walk is good is beyond comprehension,

The Ridgeback breeder was just as blinkered saying that without the ridge they weren't Ridgebacks - well yes - it was also stated that the ridge is caused by a form of spina bifida, again disgusting,

Nothing will be done though because of the sheer amount of money involved.

  carver 14:01 20 Aug 2008

I watched that program last night and to say that the amount of cruelty inflicted on these dogs to get a show winner is to horrific to think about.

My sister had a Bulldog some 40 years ago and even from that short time ago, from the photos it looks a completely different dog.

What makes it even worse is what appeared to be a complete lack of interest in the dogs welfare from any body associated with the Kennel Club, breeders in fact any body who makes money from these dogs.

Quickbeam, from your comments it looks as though you didn't watch the program, the worst offenders seemed to be the main breeders, who bred their dogs without any concern at all, as long as they got what they wanted out of the results of inbreeding.

The King Charles Spaniel Chegs ®™ mentioned earlier, the women who owned him, the Kennel Club all concerned seemed to know he had this condition yet it was still allowed to win best of breed, how can a dog with an adverse genetic condition be classed as best of breed.

And this is a Nation of dog lovers, we should be ashamed of our selfs.

  rickf 17:02 20 Aug 2008

I hope I have not been accused of being a false "dog lover." If you did you would have totally misunderstood what I was saying. Indeed I'm not certain what it is you trying to tell me. Do not lump me in the same category as these breeders just because I am a dog lover. I am resentful of your rather slanted comments skeletal. I have owned quite a dew rescued dogs all from Battersea Dogs Home and would never even think of buying one from a breeder.

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