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  Þ² 15:18 20 Jul 2010

click here

Quite interesting... site is ranked 13447 in the world and 79% of websites are faster than it. See more at the link, which I accidentally discovered when I googled to come here.

  ronalddonald 15:24 20 Jul 2010

Þ² link isn't working.

  MAT ALAN 15:28 20 Jul 2010

works for me, not sure it says its "ranked" 13477, it doesn't actuallt say that...

  MAT ALAN 15:28 20 Jul 2010


  Seth Haniel 15:30 20 Jul 2010

2,521 websites link to Pcadvisor.co.uk. Pcadvisor.co.uk load speed is very slow (4,422 ms) and 79% websites are faster than it. Primary language of Pcadvisor.co.uk is English. 53.1% visitors of Pcadvisor.co.uk are from United Kingdom.

  MAT ALAN 15:37 20 Jul 2010

79% of websites are faster than it.

seems pretty fast to me and taking into consideration the content of this website and the people who run it, stats like that mean nothing to me.
What you get out of it is more important...

  Þ² 16:21 20 Jul 2010

quote: "Pcadvisor .co. uk is No. 13447 website in the world."

I took it that there's 13,446 websites classed as better than PCA by them but accept it's open to interpretation.

  sunnystaines 16:23 20 Jul 2010

surprised india has 8% of PCA viewers would have thought local ones in indian languages would be where they would go. PCA must be good to view in your 2nd tongue.

  Forum Editor 18:30 20 Jul 2010

(4,422 ms) and 79% websites are faster than it."

The problem with making comparisons like that on load speed is that you can't draw any conclusions from the result.

The 79% of sites mentioned may consist of far fewer pages, have no database implications, and may be running with virtually no bandwidth issues. Huge numbers of them will be tiny personal sites consisting of two or three pages at most. The 20% of sites that are slower than us will include some of the world's largest and busiest websites.

Only a few things really count when you're running a commercial website like ours:-

1. Do lots of people visit?

2. Do they keep coming back?

3. Are advertisers interested in paying you money to be on the site?

4. Do lots of other sites link into yours?

5. Do you consistently come high in Google search results for your sphere of activity?

Answer 'yes' to those and you needn't bother with statistics about relative loading speeds and so-called rankings.

  Þ² 19:24 20 Jul 2010

Forum Editor fair enough, thought it'd be interesting is all, as I said I stumbled onto it.

The load speed of this site is no better or worse than any other site I visit, but then my BB speed is quite good so I wouldn't know any different.

  morddwyd 20:01 20 Jul 2010

A site dependent on advertisers like this one is can only be as fast as its advertisers load their content.

Whenever I get a hold up it's nearly always adserve or similar.

That's not a moan.

Very grateful to adserve for the free site!

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