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Is the PCA website having problems!.

  spuds 10:36 09 Jan 2015

Not sure if this should be in Speakers Corner or Tech Helproom!.

Is the PCA website having problems, because over the past week or so, it would seem so. Unless its a problem at my end, which I might be able to rectify, if I knew how.

Loading pages can be a serious problem, with a variety of 'waiting for' and 'site error' messages. Very similar to what we had in the past, even with server changes.

Even the presence of the Forum Editor seems to be getting less, as do some of the regular known contributor's, who were keeping the forum active on a regular basis.

  dagbladet 09:37 10 Jan 2015

Flak's post above pretty much sums up why i've not posted for a couple of years. Irrespective of claims otherwise, there was a level of arrogance and pomposity that was/is out of place and unnecessary.

  Forum Editor 10:22 10 Jan 2015


I agree, we have had quite a few arrogant and pompous contributors over the years - that's bound to happen in a web forum that represents a slice of the community. There are plenty of arrogant,pompous people in all areas of life.

  flycatcher1 10:48 10 Jan 2015

I still miss the contributions of " Forum Member" - not that I always agreed with him - but he made some interesting comments.

  spuds 11:25 10 Jan 2015

"Perhaps if we went out of our way to make the threads more interesting it might encourage more lurkers to join in."

Strange that you should mention that, because in the past, this was never a problem. In fact this website was a success with growing membership, and with constant input from others throughout the day, and sometimes into the early morning. It certainly isn't now. You know this as much as I do Forum Editor, and perhaps you need to ask yourself why.

Would it have anything to do with others being told silly, referred to as morons, their arguments or debating skills or inputs being constantly criticised as being flawed, because someone apparently knows far better, and apparently can only demonstrate this by inserting power and insults.

On occasions, and more so recently, I have personally 'bumped' posts, because nobody was responding to a question raised, except adding a view count or 'lurking' as you say. That cannot be a very good advert.

On a personal point, I raised the original subject in the introduction, because I was getting rather fed-up with the problems this website seems to have on a now regular basis, and was expecting a feedback, if others were having the same problems. Apparently they were. But yet again, it would appear that I have done wrong by raising the subject, or at least that how it feels.

You just cannot win here, no matter how hard you try or attempt to try!.

  spuds 11:31 10 Jan 2015


What's the betting, that any discussions, debate or whatever will only be conducted by the 'usual' very few, and the 'lurkers' waiting for the arguments and insults. They will not join, for fear of ridicule!

What's the saying " You need an argument to draw the crowds". Even that's been said on this forum more than once I believe!.

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