PCA team, whatever you have been and gone and done

  Sapins 16:11 27 Sep 2004

You have been and gone it really good, this is the fastest speed yet on this site, I am sure it's posting before I finish

  Sapins 16:11 27 Sep 2004

typing, there, I knew it was :-)

  Sapins 16:14 27 Sep 2004

Should read,"You have been and gone and done it really good."

  carolineann 16:28 27 Sep 2004

Slow down.
You are getting way too excited.

  dave.engsurv 16:33 27 Sep 2004

To test emails after installing SP2 from cover CD, I sent an email to myself. The time I received the email was two minutes before the time I had sent it!

  Sapins 16:36 27 Sep 2004

I AM, I AM, I AM, wow, haven't had this much fun since I nearly bought a round, I think it was approximately 1959, September 22nd.Tuesday, 1-55pm and 2 seconds, and boy that was close, actually had my wallet half out but I recovered in time ;-)

I've got a grip now, you can see I'm typing much more slowly now.

  Forum Editor 17:34 27 Sep 2004

We're not used to someone saying the site's FAST.......perhaps there's only us few online Sapins.

  spuds 17:50 27 Sep 2004

I am not going to whinge/moan/complain, but is is zooming along today [so far :o))]

  BIG Ben strikes 10 again! 17:52 27 Sep 2004

i hadn't posted anything for a few weeks it was becouse everytime i tried to start a new subject or reply it would just hang,its ok now i removed ashampoo internet accelerator,never trust Internet accelerators

  Sapins 18:09 27 Sep 2004

Ah! thats why, only 6 of us reading this.

And another thing I just started to type in Forum Editor and I was presented with the completed name, This is a welcome addition, if it's deliberate ;-)

BIG Ben strikes 10 again! may also have highlighted a reason for past posts saying it was slow when it wasn't, it's the fault of some software or other!

  pj123 18:15 27 Sep 2004

Well earlier this morning, although I could get into the Forum I couldn't get into any threads. All I got was (after about 2 minutes) an error message "Error Occurred While Processing Request" with an option to email [email protected] idg.com.

I just logged out and waited a while. And since then as Sapins says the response is almost instant. I am not sure it is faster than the speed of light because I think that is impossible on this planet, but it is certainly fast.

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