PCA subscription get it wrong Again!!!

  Seth Haniel 12:07 12 Jul 2008

I have been a subscriber for more years than I can remember and there must be a tick against my name to 'mildly' "get it wrong" on each new subscription update.
I against my better judgment decided to go with their latest phone offer to take the 6 month DVD offer - with my Cd edition upgraded for the remaning four issues for free till it expires in October - and reiteretated October - so I eagerly await this mornings post - Hoorah - the DVD edition - But!! also the CD edition - And a letter from PCA informing me the Direct Debit would start this month - not October as the deal insisted. And of course no one in the office till monday to put things right. As this is not the first time of recieveing duplicate issues on the start of a subscription and the years between you would think that the departments involved would have been able to get their act together. Have a full weekend to steam before that phone call monday morning. :(

  Forum Editor 12:25 12 Jul 2008

Perhaps you can release a bit of that steam if I tell you that I have contacted our subscriptions manager on your behalf. He'll sort this, of that I have no doubt, but you're right in saying that it isn't going to happen before Monday.

In the meantime, feel free to pass your spare copy to a friend at our expense, and accept our apologies for the confusion.

  Seth Haniel 12:36 12 Jul 2008

Cheers - i will sleep easier in my bed tonight ;)

  Forum Editor 12:44 12 Jul 2008

the only reward I need.

  Forum Editor 14:09 12 Jul 2008

"She'll sort this, of that I have no doubt"

My apologies to Sarah Willing, our subscriptions manager.

  Seth Haniel 14:15 12 Jul 2008

to read them now...
one in each hand and an eye on each to get through them faster ;)

  Seth Haniel 09:25 14 Jul 2008

apparently these subscriptions are done by a third party and not PCA ( a bit like the mobile phone companies)

Will tick now

  Forum Editor 16:20 14 Jul 2008

The subscriptions are handled by a subscriptions bureau on our behalf - it's common practice in the periodical publishing business.

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