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  anchor 14:38 25 Dec 2008

My current subscription to PCA CD edition expires with the April 2009 issue.

This week I received a renewal notice through the post, the cost being £25.99 for 1 year.

On looking on the PCA website, I see that it is £2 less at £23.97. How is this possible?; am I being charge more to renew by phone or post?.

Incidentally, on the renewal notice the magazine is called PC Adviser; (note "e" instead of "o").
Someone can`t spell at their subscription department.

  spuds 15:48 25 Dec 2008

The Forum Editor was doing an in-house special subscriptions advertising offer the other week. Cannot find the link now, so it might pay to drop him a line for more information.

Regarding the different charges, I can only assume this is in line with other magazine subscription methods. I have just cancelled an annual subscription, and got a free pair of walking boots for a renewal ;o)

  anchor 15:58 25 Dec 2008

spuds: that "special" offer was only for the DVD edition which at £35, in my opinion, is not worth the extra.

I was not interested in the "free gifts" offered either.

  anchor 16:00 25 Dec 2008

This was one the the links you refer to:

click here

  anchor 14:18 28 Dec 2008

Perhaps someone from PCA Towers may care to comment on this anomaly after the holidays.

  simonjary 14:57 28 Dec 2008

As far as I know there are no new offers for a PCA subscription at the prices you state, but I'll check when our subs manager is back in the office in January. I presume it was a renewal offer.

We no longer offer a subscription to the CD edition, just the DVD, although renewals are possible.


  Sarah Willing 14:22 08 Jan 2009

Apologies for the confusion. There shouldn't be any offers for the CD edition on the website. If you could please advise where you saw this offer I will get this amended to prevent any confusion in the future.

  Enamel 13:47 14 Jan 2009

My subscription has been cancelled without informing me. The Direct Debit is still valid and no one has contacted me. I am awaiting a reply, meanwhile I'm missing The March issue.

  simonjary 15:37 14 Jan 2009


Could you email Sarah Willing with your details, please? She should then be able to help you.

We certainly shouldn't be cancelling subscriptions!

You can find a link to her email under Marketing, here:
click here


Publisher, PC Advisor

  Forum Editor 16:34 14 Jan 2009
  anchor 16:39 18 Jan 2009

In my original posting, I said that it was a renewal.

My query was that doing it via the internet cost about £2 less than renewing by post, (as per the reminder letter sent to me).

To be frank I would NOT have renewed if the only option had been for the DVD version costing £35 more. Rarely do I see anything that I want, or could not be obtained from a direct download. The "free gifts" did not interest me, and not worth paying £10 for.

I accept that it is probably a marketing ploy to get extra revenue.

(sorry for the delay in relying; I have been away in Spain).

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