PCA speed and log-in change

  CurlyWhirly 18:45 01 Jun 2005

I have recently noticed 2 things:

1. This forum is now the fastest it has EVER been well at least that's MY experience!
There must have been a lot of work going on in the background to improve loading times to this extent!

2. I have also noticed that there has been a change to the log-in method.
Before if you only had the *one* PCA window open and you accidentally closed it you were logged out as the site 'forgot' that you closed the open window as opposed to ACTUALLY logging out.
I used to find this a bit annoying sometimes but it looks as if this has now been fixed.
Well done PCA.

  CurlyWhirly 18:02 02 Jun 2005

Obviously no one has noticed these things so I will tick! :0)

  Forum Editor 19:50 02 Jun 2005

so it'll be our secret - yours and mine.

  Indigo 1 14:05 04 Jun 2005

Well the 'log-in change' has only just affected me this afernoon.

I logged in this morning the old way, then went back to bed feeling grotty with a terrible cold (poor me sniff) and just logged on again (feeling a bit better) this afternoon and there it is, all new log in (wonder what will happen when I clean out my cookies ?). Thanks for all your hard work at PC Towers.

But no speed difference as yet.

  CurlyWhirly 17:11 04 Jun 2005

No speed difference?

There's a big speed increase on my PC! :0)

  Ancient Learner 21:02 04 Jun 2005

'View your postings' has been so slow for weeks and is no better, and putting an actual post in is also a long wait. Strangely, the rest of the site is good and quick.

However, I am getting so much help at the moment, that I am most certainly not grumbling.

  Indigo 1 21:54 04 Jun 2005

Maybe it's my PC !

It must be time for an upgrade ! I saw my friends new self-build 64 bit PC last night...WOW !!! what a difference, it leaves mine standing in a cloud of dust. He is on 2Mb BB and I still only have 512K which makes a huge difference too.

I even started up my old one for comparison and that too seems quicker than this one which is supposedly 3 times as quick, mind you there is nothing on the old one but the O/S and a few utilities.

BTW the log-in has reverted back to the old type now, what's going on there ?

  Pooke 22:24 04 Jun 2005

It gets quick and then slows down.........

until it's consistant in performance, no thumbs up from me --- Except for "still love the site FE, keep up the good work you guys are doing!"

I'm on 2 meg internet, and a decent trim computer Indigo 1 and I find it slow.


  octal 22:52 04 Jun 2005

I suspect its slow when you click on 'View your postings' because the database has got to be searched for all the requested postings, whereas the Helproom doesn't need such a large search. Probably totally wrong, but that's my theory anyway.

  CurlyWhirly 23:34 04 Jun 2005

I agree that 'view your postings' is slow but that is to be expected as the server has to work a lot harder searching through the database for your posts but the forums themselves are pretty quick here I am glad to say!

  MESH Support 09:34 06 Jun 2005

I never had the close a window and come back logged out problem. In fact there weer times where I would log in, close the window and come back about 20 minutes later and still be logged in.

What I've notice change is the lack of "home" with it's roundup or recent threads. Sure, I'm here for a reason but I like to also keep up on hot topics in the speakers corner for example :)

I still miss the ability to search thread content rather than just in the thread titles. *sigh*


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