pca site non responsive this weekend

  martd7 12:18 18 Jun 2017

I had a problem yesterday with the PCA site and today as well

When opening the forum the page will not scroll up and down it jerks after about 10seconds and I cannot post or reply to anything,clicking on anything gives no response,its the only site I'm having this problem with,I'm using my phone to access the site today as I did yesterday

Anyone else? Using internet explorer and win7,tried Chrome,same result

  Belatucadrus 12:34 18 Jun 2017

Nothing here, bit glitchy a week or so ago but no issues today or yesterday. Fingers crossed.

  Forum Editor 12:43 18 Jun 2017

All is well at our end.

  wee eddie 13:09 18 Jun 2017

Interestingly, my Mobile Phone has not been loading PCA/TA for the last few days.

The bar stops at about 7/8 of the way across the header and a couple of minutes later a Popup says, "The page has become unresponsive. Do you want to close it down?"

I put it down to weak signal in the town but it also does this when connected to my WiFi at home

  martd7 13:09 18 Jun 2017

Dont know then what the reason is cannot exit out without ctrl alt delete

  wee eddie 13:12 18 Jun 2017

mart7: This was frequently a problem when the site was heavily laden with advertising and my Download speeds were really low. If I remember rightly there were also "Script" errors

  martd7 13:49 18 Jun 2017

Wee Eddie

I have an ad blocker which I turned off to try but same result,I also temporily turned off the antivirus again same result,now I'm getting a windows message "pca is not responding"

Never had any problems till yesterday,there's no problem on any other website

  Forum Editor 14:04 18 Jun 2017

I just tried the forums on my Android phone - everything was loading very quickly.

  martd7 14:13 18 Jun 2017


Using my Win8.1 phone to access site,no problems either,very strange

  wee eddie 15:00 18 Jun 2017

Must be my phone. What sort of person should I go to, to sort it out, or should I take this opportunity to replace. It's a Samsung G3

  martd7 15:31 18 Jun 2017

Well even more strange,can use any other part of pc advisor,reviews,downloads etc etc its just the forums that I cannot use

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