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  PaulB2005 12:10 14 Dec 2005

Is there are scope to have a few refinements made to the PCA search facility? I seem to having real problems with it. Whilst it might be handy to have it list the result by "relevancy" it would be good to be able to change this to date order. Also a tick box to enable you to search My Postings would also be handy - you can search Helproom, Consumerwatch etc but it would be good to be able to be able to search just My Postings.

This is the 4th or 5th time i can't find a thread from a couple of weeks back i want to refer back to. I didn't book mark it at the time because it's only now i thought "i saw that in a thread on PCA a couple of weeks ago" I've tried using all sorts of keys words and variation but can't find what I'm looking for.

Any chance these might be considered, if others agree?

  watchful 15:46 14 Dec 2005

If you put 'My Postings' in the search box above, it will take you to them but they are grouped under the other Forum headers as, of course, there is no actual 'My Postings' forum, they are made up from all the items you've posted to in 'Helproom', 'Speakers Corner' etc.

  ade.h 15:47 14 Dec 2005

I'd use it more often if it was a bit more sophisticated and/or configurable and gave me the results that I want.

  watchful 15:58 14 Dec 2005

Silly me! just dawned on me that the search for 'My Postings' just fetches up threads with that subject in them!

The rest still applies though and I agree the search facility could be better.

  PaulB2005 07:54 15 Dec 2005

Of course - bit silly of me. My Postings would be complicated and slow things down but date ordering would be a nice option...

  SG Atlantis® 09:04 15 Dec 2005

click the "last response" and it'll rearrange in the order of responses.

that what you mean?

  PaulB2005 09:15 15 Dec 2005

I can't see where you mean...

  SG Atlantis® 09:20 15 Dec 2005

in my postings, the heading "last response" on the last response field.

  PaulB2005 09:25 15 Dec 2005

Ah in My Postings. I never thought of that. I still can't find the thread I'm looking for..... Oh well, I'll accidental blunder on it in 6 months and then I'll have forgotten why i wanted it.

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