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PCA and Royal Mail fail me again

  johndrew 12:15 07 Aug 2011

My October issue of PCA arrived yesterday whilst I was out. The magazine and plastic packaging were separate - the plastic envelope had been slit open (or not sealed in the first place) at both ends - hence no DVD or anything else that should have been there and a damaged magazine.

I know PCA give a discount to subscribers and (should) post the magazine earlier than the 'on the shelf' date, however I also feel the packaging and transport method need sorting out. Of late I have had magazines not arrive at all, arrive damaged to the point of being waste paper and now incomplete - as well as being apparently well thumbed!!

Come on PCA. You are part of a large group and should be capable of ensuring decent quality packaging and ensuring your carrier does the job it is paid for properly.

  sunnystaines 16:48 30 Aug 2011


how did you manage to get a free copy sent out, my subscription ended long ago, would be happy to get a free copy even if trashed by the postman just to see how its changed

  Forum Editor 00:38 31 Aug 2011

"Could it be that PCA makes unfulfilled promises in the hope that some of its subscribers will cancel and look for another (more reliable?) magazine in which to place their trust? I am rapidly beginning to think this way!!!"

Posting ridiculous remarks like that achieves absolutely nothing.

Knowing Emma as I do, I'm sure she'll be irritated that your DVD hasn't materialised. I've sent her a note so she knows, and I'm sure she'll be in touch soon.

  johndrew 09:51 31 Aug 2011


Your loyalty to PCA is undeniable.

However, you may wish to consider how irritated those who pay for a product which is not delivered intact and subsequently have promises made which are not fulfilled feel.

Simon Jary could also have posted an unhelpful response as you have. Instead he e-mailed me requesting details, an explanation of the current situation and a statement of his proposed actions.

  simonjary 18:32 04 Sep 2011


Email me your details and I'll sort it out personally. Emma has been on holiday, which might explain the lack of response.


Simon ([email protected])

  Forum Editor 17:37 05 Sep 2011

By way of an update....


Emma has conducted a thorough search, and can find no trace of receiving any email from you since 10th January. Your DVD is on its way - please let me know if you don't receive it.

Graphicool1:- "Claim it - I did. Receive it - I didn't!" We can find no trace of you having claimed a free copy of the magazine. You didn't get it for that reason - we didn't receive a request,so we didn't have an address to send to.

  Forum Editor 17:48 05 Sep 2011


I've just noticed Simon's post - apologies for the stereo response!

  johndrew 13:59 06 Sep 2011

A resolution at last.

My replacement October issue DVD arrived with a further copy of PCA in the post today - around 11:00am. Many thanks PCA.

As an aside, my November issue of PCA (November) arrived on the 3rd. September, in perfect condition. I note that it appears a return to the more robust plastic packaging has been adopted - a very welcome (retrograde?) step in my opinion.

I also e-mailed the FE with a copy of the e-mail sent to Emma on the 8th. August, in response to her post, as it appears there is some disbelief in my having done so.

  sunnystaines 14:18 07 Sep 2011

A quick thankyou for simon my free copy of PCA arrived today in a stong white envelpe

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