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  spuds 13:02 30 May 2011

Looking at the new format of the PCA website, I am getting curious as to how the Replies/Views works, and whether there are far more 'lurkers' than contributors.

Some websites have similar facilities, that work on each individual 'hit' while others only record one hit from a member, no matter how many times they return. If the PCA website works on the first method, then 'Views' can be increased by constant hits from one person, which perhaps gives a wrong impression as to the value of the post.

So the question is: Are there far more regular 'lurkers' than contributors, because it would appear that its the same nucleus of contributers that are constantly airing their views (I myself being one of them)and others might only be showing an interest from a distance?.

A couple of quick examples today. 1129 hits 52 responses, 1324 hits 66 responses, with some recording hits, but no responses!.

  Quickbeam 14:23 30 May 2011

I don't have a view on this.

  oresome 14:23 30 May 2011

It could be that the FE gets paid per view.

A penny per view would do nicely, especially when the count can be incremented by the FE repeatedly glancing at the threads in idle moments. (although he claims not to have any)

  Forum Editor 15:30 30 May 2011

Are there far more regular 'lurkers' than contributors

That's always been the case. Lots of people read our threads without posting. We get visitors from all over the world when they see us appearing in their Google searches. They'll search for something specific, but while they're here they take a look around, and some of them come back over and over again, especially when there's a heated discussion going on.

"It could be that the FE gets paid per view."

I wish.

  wiz-king 19:41 30 May 2011

On my one of my South African blogs I have 22432 views which has resulted in 2869 comments ~ one in seven - and I notice that is is the same few people who are regular readers/commenter's. There are 'lurkers' everywhere.

  n47. 19:54 30 May 2011

I have a fish and chip thread with 35,240 views and just 122 replies.

They are lurkers everywhere.

  SparkyJack 20:10 30 May 2011

If my experience is any thing to go on then though I post regularly- I am also becoming more of a lurker, this is because as the weeks/months pass by I am increasingly out of touch with the latest technical wizardry.

So many questions- I read - say to my self - Dunno and pass on- but never the less someone out there does know more often as not

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