PCA Poll - What's important in a web browser?

  Charence 14:11 10 Sep 2008

I think it is missing a very important option:
"following standards"

It is really annoying when browsers render things differently.

Also, reading the article about Chrome... I saw that so few people use Opera... Why?
I quite like Opera, and prefer to use it over the other browsers.


  WhiteTruckMan 15:14 10 Sep 2008

many polls where more than one option could have been selected? I only picked the one item, but didnt feel the need to pick more.


  Pesala 17:23 10 Sep 2008

The reason I got started using Opera (on a recommendation from a computer professional) was integrated email. That's not listed either, but it is a good reason to choose Opera.

I have my email in the first tab that is always loaded at startup and locked to prevent accidental closure. Email is fully indexed so it is very easy to find previous correspondence.

The other main reason for me is the customisable interface. Opera is more flexible than any word-processor when it comes to customising the keyboard: click here

The quality of support from the Opera forum is also a major benefit.

  Forum Editor 18:10 10 Sep 2008

which surprises me somewhat - I've been a diehard Internet Explorer user since way back when the browser wars of antiquity raged. In those days things (like life) were simpler, you either used IE or you used Netscape. Netscape had intergrated email, but it fell over its own feet in the headlong rush to produce ever more new versions, and something had to give. Financial muscle and bundling with Windows meant that Microsoft was always going to win, but like many people I missed the Netscape versus IE arguments.

Now we have a new kid on the block every five minutes, and I doubt that we've seen the real might of Google at work in Chrome just yet - there'll be more to come, once the current beta has been around the block a few times.

Meanwhile, it's good to have plenty of choice, and of course there can only be one real winner in the end.

  AL47 18:13 10 Sep 2008


  AL47 18:14 10 Sep 2008

im still for ff3 its just so customizable, i like a busy interface

  Charence 11:19 11 Sep 2008

At work, I'm forced to use IE6. They seem to avoid non-Microsoft and free software...

  Picklefactory 11:25 11 Sep 2008

I also favour Opera. There's always going to be a fair amount of personal preference, as what's important to one person, doesn't matter at all to another. I'd love to give some in depth detailed reason why I use Opera.....fact is, I just like it.

  spuds 12:21 11 Sep 2008

Flock browser seems to have gone quiet!.

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