PCA new service-shopping

  anskyber 11:37 07 Nov 2007

Interesting, any thoughts? I think on the whole it's a useful addition.

  crosstrainer 12:14 07 Nov 2007

Quite good...will save posting all those links I have stored up for CPU's Graphics cards etc...!

Just point people in that direction :)

  sunny staines 12:23 07 Nov 2007

checked a few products i thinking about but found novatech cheaper. the shopping database needs to increase the range of suppliers.
good idea and handy if they link in to more suppliers.

  wolfie3000 12:33 07 Nov 2007

Iv been after a new external hard drive for some time and it seems to have what im looking for,

click here

So its very useful to me, I will use it in the future for my purchases.

  anskyber 12:37 07 Nov 2007

Well well, as it turns out I have the 250Gig version and I'm very pleased with it. The external power unit helps keep the HDD cool.

  DrScott 13:04 07 Nov 2007

I keep getting a Network Error message...

  youtruth 13:06 07 Nov 2007

Initially, I thought that it was spamming 'by' PriceGrabber!
But in actual fact, it's 'for' them.

  superhoops 16:09 07 Nov 2007

Not that useful. I looked at "LaCie Porsche Design External 500GB Hard Drive". The lowest price it finds does not include VAT whereas the 4th position trader does include VAT in his price
click here

  anchor 16:32 07 Nov 2007

As "youtruth" said, this "service" is from PriceGrabber.

click here

I suppose PCA may be receiving some financial benefit. As most of us know, there are many such price comparison sites. I never look at just one.

  sunny staines 16:55 07 Nov 2007

its a shame its a commercial venture, a good put together independent one would be a good option, financed perhaps with a few web ads rather that the companies that are searched as this does not always show the best deal.

  Pressure_tester 20:33 07 Nov 2007

What does the pg stand for in the URL?

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