PCA Mag "Where is it".?

  perpetual motion 01:08 27 Apr 2009

Hi everyone, yesterday (Sunday) i was in a WHSmiths, i was looking for this months edition of PCA,
& i couldnt find it anywhere.?? i serched all down the humongous amount of magazines they have, i saw many other pc mag's but PCA is top of the league so i dont bother with any other, in the end i had given up & decided to join a friend who i was with, he was looking for a snowboarding magazine & he went throu a few then i was totaly amazed that whsmith's had in fact shoved them right behind a FHM section.? in a way that you wouldnt see them

what happens to magazines that are not bought & why do whsmith's place such a good mag in a silly place where no one who would be looking for it counld find it.?

this also may affect PCA's sales although i doubt it would be huge but every mag sold is revenue!

Just food for thought Peter!

  crosstrainer 07:04 27 Apr 2009

Got my copy via the post Saturday, so nothing wrong with the subscription end of things.

  BT 07:42 27 Apr 2009

The shop gets a refund

  ronalddonald 07:48 27 Apr 2009


  interzone55 08:54 27 Apr 2009

i was totaly amazed that whsmith's had in fact shoved them right behind a FHM section:

WH Smiths use a "Planogram" for layout of magazines, this is a very strict layout guide based on demographics (lots of people buy train magazines in that store, then "Trainspotters Monthly" gets a good spot), and promotions (new magazines get priority, along with magazines that have had design changes or rebranding).

It's unlikely that a snowboarding magazine would be placed behind FHM, it's more likely that it had been read by someone then put back in the wrong place...

  babybell 08:55 27 Apr 2009

The other half always catches me reading FHM in Smiths but I always insist that I'm reading PCA ;o)

  dagnammit 09:34 27 Apr 2009

"what happens to magazines that are not bought"

All mags and papers are sale or return...

So recieve 100 mags, sell 60 and send 40 back. You then get a bill for the 60 sold.

We had a problem in work where the returns weren't being picked up so we got billed for them all. :(

  spuds 10:11 27 Apr 2009

Possibly the magazines that are returned by the newsagent, end up with our or your local reseller of out of date magazines. £1.00 each instead of the usual £3.99 plus, and that includes American imports.

Due to the way some of these magazines are published, I usually pick up magazines with the actual month date on them, or in a case on Friday, I picked up an outdated May copy of one particular magazine. Shows you how far some magazines are printed well in front of actual time.

One thing that I have noticed, is the outdated copies of PCA have the Dvd's removed, when other magazines might not ;o)

  simonjary 14:18 27 Apr 2009

It's the current issue's last weekend on sale for so the majority were probably sold out, with the remaining copies just put back in the wrong place.

We're presuming that this is an isolated incident, but please let us know if anyone else spots missing or misplaced issues.


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