PCA Incorrect review info

  Bleep 14:41 05 Jan 2005

On this site's Graphics card review for the: Galaxy GeForce 6800GT it states:

'but it’s still theoretically hampered by such cutbacks as only having 12-pixel pipelines'.

This is incorrect 6800 GT's have 16 Pixel Piplines not 12? was the card actually reviewed by PCA or just speculative reporting? As this incorrect review could indeed put people of a great card.?

  Bleep 14:47 05 Jan 2005

Here's that actual product website spec's :click here

:16 pixels per clock

The more I look @ the PCA review of this card im convinced they did'nt actual have one to test, this card is infamous for reaching 410/1.1ghz Ultra speeds with a great cooler and @ a great price.

How did they get it so wrong?

  Dorsai 19:30 05 Jan 2005

They (the mag staff), like me and you, are only human, and mistakes are made.

Perhaps the card they reviewed was a 'pre release' version, that actually has 12 whatsits, not 16.

Perhaps the card they got sent was not the right card. Wearhouse picking error.

Perhaps the review was of '6600', and a simple typo meant the review said '6800'?

Loads of possable reasons.

Human error. It happens. They got it wrong. So?

  Forum Editor 19:42 05 Jan 2005

And I doubt that this would " put people of (sic) a great card".

It might have been better if you had emailed me about it, but you didn't, so.........I've passed the information to someone on the magazine for comment.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 21:02 05 Jan 2005

I am about to disembowel myself on learning of this tragic mistake.


  Jackcoms 21:26 05 Jan 2005

GANDALF <|:-)>

Perhaps you can let the results of your disembowelling run away down the Pixel Pipelines. After all there are 12 of them. Or is it 16?

  Bleep 21:34 05 Jan 2005

Wow did'nt mean it in quite that way, just that I guess as i've had such confidence in the reviews i've read in PCA before.

The review :click here its pretty conclusive in pointing out that the cards specs arent that good the whole 12 pixel pilines etc.

Well I guess I shall end this thread as I sence the whole in which im digging is getting larger with every point in which I make and with it being a new year the spirit should be of hope and forgiveness.

I hope I have not got the reviewer in trouble?

All the best, Ricki.

  gudgulf 21:55 05 Jan 2005

Console yourself with the fact that right or wrong the card is listed in the top 10 reviews so it must have got something right.

Ps my pc has a P4 processor....try reading what PCA say about those! And I still buy the mag,lol

  Forum Editor 01:37 06 Jan 2005

got the reviewer into trouble. You picked up what at first sight appears to have been a simple mistake - nothing wrong with that, but it might have been better not to infer that the card wasn't actually reviewed, or that it was 'speculative reporting'.

Don't lose any sleep over this - I certainly don't intend to.

  LBUMIKE 16:43 19 Jan 2005

whats a pixel pipeline? is that something super mario bro's have to fix before saving the princess and then beating bowser using yoshi?

  Stuartli 11:17 20 Jan 2005

If you ever read Top Gear magazine you'll have noticed a specific section on the letters page where readers can point out the publication's monthly goofs.

Everyone makes mistakes - having a laugh over it and acknowledging the error(s) puts the whole thing into perspective.

Most people can't appreciate or even envisage the constant and unremitting pressure on editorial staff of every type of newspaper or publication to consistently deliver copy and meet deadlines on time, every time.

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