PCA - how long? - old forum members?

  BIG Ben strikes 10 again! 18:01 27 Sep 2004

hi all im 13,i would like to know how old PCA has been going on for?.and the age of some forum members?.and who is the oldest forum member?.oh and who is the youngest?.id just like to know through interest.cheers.ben

  Noelg23 18:15 27 Sep 2004

looks like you're the youngest so far Ben...I'm 24...and from what I gather I think PCA has been going for nearly or over 10 years altho I am open to correction on this one...dont know who is the oldest tho...

  €dstowe 18:20 27 Sep 2004

I'm 40 so that puts me mid range, I think.

There are some members a lot older - remeber the VO as in VOG used to stand for Very Old:-)

  pj123 18:25 27 Sep 2004

I am sure I have seen younger than you on the Forum. Have you checked out click here to see if your photo is on there. If it isn't get it on.

FYI I am 68 and still teaching IT.
I don't know how long the Forum has been running but I have been on here for some time now and my login times are now 3121.

  wallbash 18:26 27 Sep 2004

51, but a real youngster at heart.

  Forum Editor 18:26 27 Sep 2004

has been online for almost four years, although the magazine has been around for a good deal longer than that - it was first published in 1996.

The oldest forum member is probably me.

The youngest might be you.

We're not too keen on these "how old are you all" threads to be honest with you, but for what it's worth we have reason to believe that around half our members are over 45.

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