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  simonjary 07:38 17 Jun 2014

Hi, everyone

We're redesigning the Macworld forums (barely used right now) and wonder what design changes you'd make to the PC Advisor forums.

Are there other forums you admire or like the way they work, look, behave?

What would you change, keep hold of?

Please don't change this thread into a debate on how slow you find the PCA forums, or how many ads there are on the site. We focusing on look and feel plus functionality.

Any changes we make to Macworld may well transfer to PCA in the future so this is not just for the Apple fans.



  spuds 10:31 20 Jun 2014

I notice that there was some modifications to the site a short time ago. Apparently we are now down to 11 sections, including one for Windows which might make life possibly better for some, especially for W7 and W8 subjects being combined instead of individual items.

  johndrew 10:38 20 Jun 2014


You make a very valid point. For years Mac users have posted on this forum for help and received responses. It does seem odd that it is now necessary to attempt a split which may detract from the overall integrity of the information and support available. Perhaps the way forward is to combine Mac and PCA forums with discrete links to the respective areas; it is already done, for example, in "Digital Home & Smartphones Help" and "Tech Consumer Advice" which must be common to both areas of interest.

  carver 13:46 20 Jun 2014

One thing I should like to see is the ability of this site to stop telling me I'm posting spam.

It's getting worse, it used to happen maybe once in 6 weeks but now it's every week and if you post something and get it wrong you can't apologise because of the 60 minute rule.

  Forum Editor 00:02 31 Jul 2014

Algerian peter

This is intended as information gathering for the future, not with a view to making immediate changes.

  Forum Editor 20:29 31 Jul 2014


It must be the heat, so forgive me, but I'm not sure what you mean. if you open a post you'll see the number of pages at the top, on the right. If you click the last page number you should see the latest post, regardless of whether I've deleted anything.

Or am I missing your point completely?

  lotvic 21:36 31 Jul 2014

FE, when it does the - as per Woolwell has described - it does not display the page numbers so you can't click on them. I have found that the page number is in the url though and if I just alter that to one number less then refresh page it displays properly.

To clarify (example) if a thread has 5 pages of responses sometimes it will display page 6 (as noted in url) but there are no responses on that page and it does not display the page numbers so you can't click on them.

  Aitchbee 22:32 31 Jul 2014

.... it hasn't went past me, that, my innovotive suggestion to 'round off' some of the square corners on the POST A RESPONSE 'n' ASK A QUESTION orange-boxes has been thoughtfully realised ... three cheers!!

  spuds 23:30 31 Jul 2014

What Woolwell describes as been happening for quite some time, it isn't something that as just commenced.

I am not sure now, but I seem to recall that the more postings or pages, the problem becomes more evident!.

  lotvic 00:30 01 Aug 2014

FE, if you want to replicate what is displayed - as per Woolwell has described - go to the last page of a thread and then edit the url to one page more and click on refresh/enter.

  spuds 00:46 01 Aug 2014


Whether its 'as or 'has' is irrelevant to me. This is merely a forum where people are expected to air their views, not enter a Mensa or perfect grammar competition :O)

Anyway, my "as" instead of "has" becomes a talking point and perhaps my now regular recognised 'whoops' or signature tune?.

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