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PCA Forum – look and feel

  simonjary 07:38 17 Jun 2014

Hi, everyone

We're redesigning the Macworld forums (barely used right now) and wonder what design changes you'd make to the PC Advisor forums.

Are there other forums you admire or like the way they work, look, behave?

What would you change, keep hold of?

Please don't change this thread into a debate on how slow you find the PCA forums, or how many ads there are on the site. We focusing on look and feel plus functionality.

Any changes we make to Macworld may well transfer to PCA in the future so this is not just for the Apple fans.



  morddwyd 07:44 17 Jun 2014

"Are there other forums you admire or like the way they work, look, behave?"

Yes, the PCA forums of five years ago!

Sorry, but I still can't come to terms with today's forum. Nothing I can put my finger on.

  morddwyd 08:36 17 Jun 2014

"More than one moderator is a must."


When the FE is away one of the editorial team keeps an eye on things, though it's a (comparatively!) pretty well behaved site generally.

This is commercial site with a paid editor, and another, or deputy, editor would have to be paid for, unless Peter's fee is halved!

Sorry, Simon, a bit off track, but I don't think many would want another hand on the tiller.

  johndrew 09:45 17 Jun 2014


Please don't think I'm being difficult, a killjoy or even resistant to change, but the last time the site was 'improved' many regulars either left or reduced their input dramatically. Additionally it took some months for the site to get back onto even a reasonable level of stable usage.

Given that some of us are still far from ecstatic about the site as it is now, is it worth risking further changes which may attract new, less experienced members but drive more 'old hands away?

  Ex plorer 10:28 17 Jun 2014

I cant see where I could join PCA or is it just me.

  wee eddie 10:48 17 Jun 2014

Changes v/s Redesign.

Redesign Macworld and monitor the result. If positive, follow through with this Forum. If there is little or no response, then leave well alone.

About this Forum: There are obviously problems relating to the overall File Size when certain Adverts are included in the download.

However the Site needs to display Advertising in an attempt to Monetise itself.

Part of the solution could be to remove all Redundant Code. e.g. Colour X needs more bits than Colour Y. Solution - Reduce Colour X and Increase Colour Y. There must be Fonts that are more, as it were, economical.

Rejig the Price of your Advertising Space - Charge by the MB and Fine Advertisers who submit Adverts that are sloppily created.

  Flak999 11:46 17 Jun 2014

It seems a bit odd to request ideas about what would improve the look and feel of the forum, but then in the next breath say you don't want to address the two most important areas which would improve the look and feel of the forum immeasurably!

For me the three most important things which would make a vast improvement are speed, stability and control of invasive advertising! Everything else is just tinkering for tinkerings sake!

  Aitchbee 18:43 17 Jun 2014

Apart from the home page [which is fine], why not move some of the 'furniture' about] by shifting 'THE 5 MOST POPULAR and THE ADS' on the RHS to the top and/or bottom [HEADER and FOOTER of the HELP FORUMS] thus freeing up 'the-acres-of-wasted-space' which can be filled with the important stuff, [like] the conributions from us lot! :o]

  bremner 19:12 17 Jun 2014

As so many are now using tablets it is inexcusable that this site is so appalling on an iPad.

I would prefer making the current forum multi-platform before yet another "new look".

  sunnystaines 20:47 17 Jun 2014

an option when going to pca to click on a link that gives you new and updated posts since your last vist, many good forums have this option.

cut back onforums some could be merged [w7 and vista no longer new tech and could be merged with the tech help also throw the beginrs into it too.

  caccy 20:52 17 Jun 2014

Taking the cowards way out = I concur with most of the suggestions/recommendations that have been given so far.

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