PCA cover DVD - boring?

  Pineman100 18:58 10 Nov 2007

I've just received my latest copy of PCA (Jan 2008 - Happy New Year everyone! ;-)).

The "headline" free software is two security packages and two system optimisation packages.

Is it me, or have we had little else but this type of stuff, in recent months?. I'm sure there used to be a much wider variety of software on the cover disks.

Or am I just getting old and grumpy?

  Totally-braindead 19:10 10 Nov 2007

I'm afraid I must be old and grumpy too. There hasn't been anything on a coverdisk this year that I wanted to try.
I'm sure it must be differcult getting new stuff all the time to fill a disk but getting a new internet security suite each month is not my cup of tea at all.
As for the free full packages are they full packages or are they timed trials. I've said this before as have others, in my opinion a program that stops working or stops certain bits working after a period of time is not a full program, at best its a trial program which gives you the full options for a period of time. A full program is the entire program that isn't time limited and keeps on working.
I bin mine now.

  cream. 19:14 10 Nov 2007

Mine goes in the bin. I have never had anything worth using apart from SP2 for XP.

Thats why I get the cd edition and not the dvd one.

  wolfie3000 21:02 10 Nov 2007

I feel the same way, it seems that the people at PCA think we need 100s of security apps each month,

Dont get me wrong i expect many find them useful,
But maybe PCA needs to ask there consumers what they would like to see on the cover disks,

As many pc's nowadays have become more and more entertainment centres rather than just a place to write e-mails and buy stuff online, maybe the folks at PCA should put more media content on the disks,

Stuff like videos and mp3s, or maybe even there podcasts seen as many have had problems listening to them online.

Heres an idea how about a small guided tour of the PCA offices on disk, im sure many would buy the magazine for that alone.

  wee eddie 21:13 10 Nov 2007

It is there to attract new buyers.

There's not a lot software that you and I need that we haven't got already. So unless we're unhappy with the magazine, the contents of the DVD is of little consequence, and will not keep us as buyers anyway. For us it's a bonus if there is something that we need.

However, an unattached buyer may be converted to the magazine by something useful on the DVD.

  cream. 21:33 10 Nov 2007

' It is there to attract new buyers. '

then there is little point of us subscribing to the more expensive DVD edition of the magazine.

  wee eddie 22:51 10 Nov 2007

There are frequently things that one needs.

For example: I'm sure that Vista's SP1 will be put out for us almost as soon as it's available.

  cream. 22:56 10 Nov 2007

Thats why I said

' I have never had anything worth using apart from SP2 for XP. '

and if SP1 for vista is a large download and microsoft allow computer magazines to put it on their coverdisks, I will use that disk.:-)

  WhiteTruckMan 23:04 10 Nov 2007

allow a service pack to be put on a cover disc? Surely its to everyones advantage if as many security holes as possible are plugged in as many machines as possible? Unless they are concerned about possible counterfeit updates that cause more harm than good?


  cream. 23:12 10 Nov 2007

they hummed and harred when SP2 came out for XP. Finally relenting to give it away with out going through the windows validation method.

It meant that pirated copys of XP SP1 could get the update to SP2.

if they are copy's of vista and I think they probably will be? Then they may not be to keen to also upgrade pirated editions free of charge.

  RickyC :-) 10:21 11 Nov 2007

Wee eddie is absolutely right, the main software on the DVD is chosen specifically because we are confident it will appeal to as wide a range of new readers as possible.

There's a very good reason for including (and leading with) a security program on the cover DVD - they are extremely popular. Chart Track (which ranks software by retail sales) shows that internet security applications make up over half of all the programs that are regularly the best-sellers in the UK. click here for the latest
Top 20 chart.

I regularly include a number of security applications on the DVD each month, but there are always several full programs on the disc and they aren't all security programs. When major software developers such as Kaspersky, BitDefender, etc. release new versions, we're obliged to provide this to readers - a significant portion of our readership are keen to see the latest incarnation of these programs.

I believe that PC Advisor offers a good variety of different programs on the disc. I can understand that if you only look at the lead program you may think it's all security, anti virus, anti-spam, etc. but from recent memory I can think of hard disc backup, mind-mapping, partitioning and great new games demos that we've had on the DVD.

I'm all for hearing suggestions from readers for what types of software you'd like to see. Please feel free to email me via the link on the introduction page of the cover disc interface.

Cover Disc Editor
P.S. I asked Microsoft about Vista SP1 earlier in the year - I'll let you know how I get on :)

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