PCA Competitions

  Sapins 15:21 20 Jun 2011

Can't enter any of the competitions as you now need a UK post code! Still I never won anything when I could enter.

  sunnystaines 16:46 20 Jun 2011

sapins the comps on PCA are no good anymore, tried several times to register with no luck, Looks like they are now run by a 3rd party.

gave up.

  Autoschediastic 16:54 20 Jun 2011

me too guys! ive given up...?

  Forum Editor 17:01 20 Jun 2011

I'm looking into this.

Please stand by.

  Matt Egan 17:12 20 Jun 2011

Hi Sapins There are two types of competitions we run on PC Advisor, those we conceive and host ourselves, and those for which we partner with MyOffers. Why do we do this? Simply, because with a specialist competitions company such as MyOffers we can offer substantially better prizes, but we don't want to lost the ability to run our own. At this moment in time we are - admittedly - running a little low on PCA competitions, but we're about to launch a new photo competition, and have a few others in the pipeline. For these we don't require a postcode of any kind. But for all sorts of legal reasons the competitions run in conjunction with MyOffers do, and if you live outside the UK (and can't use another postal address), I'm afraid you can't enter. Sorry about that, and I hope this clears up your query.


  Matt Egan 17:13 20 Jun 2011

Oh, and if you're having trouble entering the MyOffers ones, drop me a line and I'll get someone to look into it.

  Autoschediastic 19:15 20 Jun 2011

TY Matt/FE! Always there to help us! what would we do without u eh?

  daz60 23:05 20 Jun 2011

When applying for My Offers competitions be aware of the barrage of e-mails you will receive,one of the pitfalls.I eventually unsubscribed. Nothing against PCA,it is just how media enterprise works.

  Woolwell 23:14 20 Jun 2011

daz60 - I agree entirely. I made the mistake some time ago of signing up with My Offers and the e-mails became a spam deluge.

  Condom 01:10 21 Jun 2011

I won a doll about 15 years ago. It still sits on my bed pillow just to remind me that it is possible to win things. Not bad in 65 years, a doll!!!

  Sapins 15:12 21 Jun 2011

Thanks for the explanation Matt, I look forward to the PCA competitions. When you say "can't use a another postal address", can I use my brother-in-laws?

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