PCA Adverts,

  wolfie3000 16:01 23 Nov 2009

I turned off Ad blocker plus to see what the site looks like with all the ads in place and i was shocked at how many there are,

Dont get me wrong i understand the site needs the ad revenue but its got to a point where the site would give me a headache using it.

Heres a comparison.

With ad blocker on,
click here

With ad blocker off,
click here

I guess its been a few years now using ad blocker so i guess i didnt see the numerous adverts building up.

  tullie 16:31 23 Nov 2009

I dont personely find it a problem.

  morddwyd 16:35 23 Nov 2009

I don't have ad-blocker, but the adverts at the top, bottom and sides don't even register with me.

I have been a bit frustrated on the odd occasion when I have inadvertently triggered one, but a small price to pay.

For instance, I had not even noticed the Cisco ad referred to in another thread and actually had to really look to find it!

  Managing ed 16:41 23 Nov 2009

You obviously know the arguments, so it's not worth me rehashing them, but this much is true: if everyone used ad blockers, there'd be no site.

  Pineman100 18:24 23 Nov 2009

Managing ed wrote: "if everyone used ad blockers, there's be no site."

Quite so. The ads are a small price to pay for the huge benefits of this free website and its forums (fora?).

The suggestion that the ads give you a headache is bizarre!

  cream. 18:29 23 Nov 2009

Managing ed.

A few ads here and there are as Pineman100 said. A small price to pay.

  Forum Editor 18:46 23 Nov 2009

Managing ed has said it already. I know that it can be a little irritating to see some of the ads at times, but look at it this way - if you were an advertiser you would want your products or services to be as prominently displayed as possible, and technology provides the tools for that to be done on the internet relatively easily.

Advertisers come here because they know we have a big audience, and they know that our site users are likely to be interested in technology - we're a natural choice.

Advertising on the site is a fact of life, and as Managing ed says - if everyone used ad blockers we simply wouldn't be here at all. When people say that they understand we need ad revenue, and in the next breath they say that they use ad blockers I wonder if they realise how important the revenue is.

We hope you'll consider that your use of the site is worth the price. End of lecture.

  Al94 19:05 23 Nov 2009

I have no problem with ads provided they don't impact negatively on the functionality of a site, which - for me - is precisely what has happened since the Cisco ticker and ads in the sidebars appeared.

  AL47 21:49 23 Nov 2009

ive removed the cisco bar cause its moving and makes me feel a bit ill lol

  AL47 21:52 23 Nov 2009

and the adblock off, thats crazy!

  Hercule Marple 22:17 23 Nov 2009

I don't use Ad Blocker or anything similar, but I think I've been using websites like this one for so long now, the adverts don't really register in my consciousness. There's no way I'd ever voluntarily click on any of them.

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