PC World Slump

  oresome 19:04 03 Sep 2008

PC World sales have slumped by 12%.

A new format has been trialed and is now being introduced nation wide with more TV's, cameras and music systems in store. Much like a Currys then, who are often co sited on retail parks.

Is this the beginning of the end of the only national specialist PC shop? Would you miss it? If the market can't support a single company's retail outlets, what's the chance of survival for all the specialist PC magazines? Will they morph into general consumer goods like the stores?

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  GANDALF <|:-)> 19:07 03 Sep 2008

General expenditure on consumer goods has fallen and a quick tour of any DIY megashop will confirm this even with their 70% off sales. It really is no surprise then.

  charmingman 19:24 03 Sep 2008

Well i bought a high end Speaker system that cost me over £100 from Pc World which as you all know is a lot of money for one, when i got it home i found it was in fact a "Used" system with a mains cable missing, i contated them via email & never got a reply so again & again & again FOUR times in two weeks i emailed them in the end i called them & i waited & i waited & i waited so i
re-called them but pressed for the "Sales Team" or what ever it is called i got through straight away!!!
I explained everything & all i was told was goto the store where i bought it from & speak to them so although i wasnt driving at the time i cycled the 4 mile journey got there & spoke to someone who said "Oh err yeah errmm (biting his lip time) so after waiting for him to decide what he was going to do i asked for the manager which i got & the manager told me that i would of been made aware that the product was second hand/used by the bright yellow stickers on "ALL" sides & the top i told him that there was one on the back but i didnt see it as i picked it up from the shelf which was a normal one then poped it over to the till...he contested "NO" every second hand item is double checked before its put out...so i got no where & i re-called head office & got AGAIN directed to the store....i will NEVER buy another thing from them again!!!!

  antony.dandrea 19:28 03 Sep 2008

I cant believe they would do this. Its the same old story, shops try to diversify and miss the point of the original reason that the shop opened. PC world is fantastic for PCs. They shudn't try and change like that.

In fact they shud bring back the old adverts with the giant foot and the song "where in the world... PC WORLD"

  Si_L 19:44 03 Sep 2008

They sold me a keyboard with the full stop missing too, your not the only one

  GRIDD 22:56 03 Sep 2008

It's good news to me that they are expanding their ranges... more for me to get their generous price match deal on. I like PCWorld but they ain't "specialist" it's just a store that shifts boxes containg PCs, now they're going to be more generalised and I quite like that. Shopping in Currys is a completely different experience - I hate the Currys stores.

  robgf 00:16 04 Sep 2008

PC World needs to diversify, its current market will shrink, as computers are now powerful enough to satisfy the needs of most users, with the exception of gamers and other heavy users. This reduces the need to update every few years.

Also, there are less new computer users, as the market becomes saturated.

You only have to visit WHSmith to see that computer magazines are suffering. They were evicted from prime shelf position sometime ago and are steadily diminishing in numbers.
ComputerActive still sells well to new users and MicroMart does well, as it has better articles than most.
But the rest are chasing a dwindling market, with their rather predictable content.
I suppose one, or perhaps two, of the cover mount magazines will survive. Hopefully PC Advisor, as we dont want the forum to vanish!

  spuds 15:19 04 Sep 2008

It isn't just PC World who is suffering a downturn in trade. I have just returned from the local city centre. Most stores are advertising goods at greatly reduced prices, or suggesting that they are anticipating closing down or transferring to more suitable premises. Quite a number of people just seem to be window shopping or browsing, which I wonder if this is in anticipation of wishful thinking or Christmas bargain hunting!

  DippyGirl 15:30 04 Sep 2008

Totally agree - especially with the comment about PC Advisor ... if in any doubt visit the PC Answers they have just rebranded their mag and website (particularly the forum) - follow these threads click here click here and weep

  Dizzy Bob 19:41 04 Sep 2008

However the share price went up by 9% on the day the trading statement was released.


  oresome 19:56 04 Sep 2008

The news was certainly better than the market had anticipated, hence the rise in share price, but the shares are trading at around a quarter of their value a year or so ago.

Oresome..........suffering from both a large paper loss and more importantly a dividend cut.

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