PC World Peculiar Pricing

  hmmmm(the original) 21:55 13 Jan 2008

Ok I may have misunder stood but. I went in PC World Warrington today to purchase Kapersky Internet security. The sales assistant could see my confusion. A box that has a Licence for 3 people was £30 approximately the same price as anti virus on it's own, yet the version for 1 computer was £60. Needless to say I bought the cheaper one.

  PalaeoBill 22:07 13 Jan 2008

Sainsburys regularly sell 6 packs of pepsi max priced so that two of them are cheaper than the 12 packs.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 23:43 13 Jan 2008

You are payng for an anti-virus????


  DANZIG 23:47 13 Jan 2008

PC World have, what I consider, to be a 'throw a 6 to start' pricing structure. I only go into the godforsaken hellhole when my well meaning relatives buy me vouchers for the place.

EVERY time I've been in there the price stated for at least one of the products I have bought has been different to the price I am charged at the till. Sometimes in my favour, other times not so. Of course in the former of these situations I keep shtum and in the latter of those situations I bring the matter to attention.

I wonder how many punters PCW have got a few more quid out of by these 'mistakes'??

  ^wave^ 08:37 14 Jan 2008

my fav place at the moment i got a web cam £49 in the shop went home ordered online to pick up at store £25 bargin

  interzone55 09:06 14 Jan 2008

On a couple of occasions I've found stuff in PCW that I'm unable to purchase.

My local store has a business section, and sometimes the business stuff gets put on the normal shelves by dopey staff.
On day I tried to buy a netgear ADSL modem/ router / print server. When I took it to the till they couldn't find it on the system. The manager is called
"you can't have that unless you have a business account"
"Why not"
"It's a business product"
"Oh, why don't you just add vat & sell it to me"
"Can't do that"
"OK I'll go elsewhere then"

See, that's how you run a business, don't sell stuff to people

  Taff™ 10:22 14 Jan 2008

PC World Pricing Policy is beyond me too. Last week I needed 3 Norton Internet Security Licences for a small business. click here Half Price Offer £30. A single user licence for the same product was £50 click here

Buying through PC World Business I also picked up a Cable Router and saved £5 because it was cheaper than the instore price. Very grateful to the Business Advisor who bothered to check the prices for me!

  babybell 15:16 14 Jan 2008

I saw a similar confusing product in Asda the other day. 2 external hard drives, both made by the same company, exactly the same except one was 125gb and the other was around 250gb, yet the 125gb was more expensive by £10!

  CatTrading 12:55 15 Jan 2008

I used to be invloved in setting up EPOS for large companies.
One supermarket priced in the wrong price for a 8 pack of bear.
Hence this product was flying off the shelves considoring it was priced at 99p!
Instead of £5.99.
But each time the Manager scanned the item when checking it came up as 99p.
Someone at Headoffice priced it wrongly, but not until thousands had bought the bargain of the week!!!

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