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  sunny staines 19:04 09 Jul 2008

I used to be a great fan of these my early days started with norton utilities then as i replaced the various modules with alternative freeware I was caught up in a world of tinkering but now these programs are getting too aggressive and causing as many problems as they solve. and one by one deleting then, just keeping ccleaner, jkdefrag, eusing reg cleaner,spybot, & spywareblaster.

anyone else gone almost full circle.

  octal 19:13 09 Jul 2008

Yep, got rid of Windows :D

  Belatucadrus 21:46 09 Jul 2008

click here

rekindle your urge to tweak.

  bluto1 22:07 09 Jul 2008

I've reduced my paranoia by getting rid of Spybot S&D and Reg Cleaner. Also SuperAntiSpyware (too aggressive). I've kept Avast, Adaware and A2, and for the past 4 months have not had a problem. (They'll all probably start rolling in now.)

  charmingman 23:26 09 Jul 2008

Ive got SpySweeper & Avast Pro but there is always something that gets through, is the software REALY worth paying for..? i am not sure..

  sunny staines 00:35 10 Jul 2008

I think i have tried most reg cleaners and a lot of all in one utilities, defrags and spyware programs.

i no longer have a allinone utility last one was AWC3beta. reg cleaner was eventually between eusing and winaso but winaso could not get on with hp printer software and limited to ten so it has gone, jkdefrag stands head and shoulders above many others i have tried. as for cleaners you cannot beat ccleaner never had any problems.

[i have kept superantispyware in a download folder incase needed because it is good but not installed, I only seem to use it other people's pc's to clean them]

lost count of reinstalls, restores and repairs from all the different programs tried.

  rawprawn 08:43 11 Jul 2008

"Get thee behind me Satan" I wouldn't say I have come full circle, but I am trying to wean myself off tinkering.

  birdface 08:55 11 Jul 2008

[ these programs are getting too aggressive] But so is all the Spyware.Like you I have tried most security programs and have now settled for.AVG8.Kerio Firewall.A Squared.Win Patrol.McAfee Site Advisor.SpywareBlaster.and Winaso Reg Optimizer.And that is my lot.Tempted to download more.Yes.I actually lashed out and paid £5 for the paid version of Kerio,other than that the rest are all freebies.

  sunny staines 11:32 11 Jul 2008

at one time had 8 antispyware and alternated scans each weekend. now its scan one a week when spybot updates with the exception too of spyware blaster the other have been binned.Looking back i must have been caught up in the hype on spyware.

  birdface 11:41 11 Jul 2008

I agree.I started with Norton and worked my way through most of them.I stick with what I have now,But in the back of my mind something niggles me that the computer is not running as good as it should.I have been tempted to download Superantispyware as it is the only one that I have not tried.But I really know that the computer is getting past its sell by date and needs upgrading.But still tempted.

  spuds 12:07 11 Jul 2008

" anyone else gone almost full circle" -Yep

Done it previously, and still doing it today. Will I never learn :O(

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