PC popularity increasing?

  CurlyWhirly 18:55 17 Jul 2004

I am just wondering with the increased take-up of broadband whether more people are going back to the home computer as opposed to the game consoles?
I used to own a Playstation 2 and since buying a PC nearly 3 years ago I haven't looked back!
One of the reasons why I changed was to get on the internet and at the time there was no way to access the net on a games console.

The reason why I ask this is because say over the last year there are more and more people buying PC's (well at least in my work place!) and I am wondering whether this is because of broadband?

  Jackcoms 20:02 17 Jul 2004

I'm not convinced that BB is the SINGLE answer but others may be:

1) because we use them at work we want to extend that 'experience' to the home

2) as the father of two secondary school age daughters, I find that there's sometimes a 'fight' for PC time because their school EXPECTS them to have access to a PC at home, not only to prepare homework, but also to use the net to research that homework

  norman47 01:47 18 Jul 2004

I don't know if it is the expansion of broadband or peoples absolute dismay with the goggle box. No matter how active a lifestyle you have you will spend a little time either at one or the other.

Television, in the main, is either constructed of unbelievable soaps, or mindless drivel that requires little or no brain activity. It just washes over you, a relaxing stimulate. Digital television gives you the option of ITV2 and BBC 4 so you can enjoy the soaps you saw yesterday, again, again and probably again. You do have the pleasure of visiting the shopping channels, Oh God, how do I spell hari Kari for google.

We can give that nice man Mr. Murdock about £30 to £40 a month to see all those soaps we saw 10 years ago or we can redecorate our house 1970's style. Watch the same movies on the movie channel till we know it word for word. Extremely stimulating, not.

Or we can fire up the computer.Visit any site we want, research any subject we want, join any club we want, follow any hobby we want. We can stimulate our intelligence.

Sorry CurlyWhirly got off the subject of games consoles, but you may be right. :-)))

  CurlyWhirly 10:30 18 Jul 2004


I agree with your comments especially to do with Sky!
I have a Sky+ box which I have to pay £10 a month for on top of my subscription taking my total bill up to nearly £30.
I have been to the Freeview website and I have checked that I can get it and I can so I am thinking about packing in Sky altogether and getting Freeview as like you said it is all repeats!
I will just need to buy a new aerial along with a Freeview digibox.

The reason being I find I am on my PC much more since upgrading to broadband some time ago leaving less time for the tv!
I much prefer the web.

  Chegs ® 12:23 18 Jul 2004

I "gave up" on the TV when I got my 1st PC.I have still got a console,but it rarely see's the light.I have Sky dish,so I can watch channel 5.I only ever watch motorsports(but not F1)cannot be bothered with films and soaps and have always objected to paying out for a TV licence AND then extra to watch repeats on sky.

  CurlyWhirly 15:06 18 Jul 2004


Yes I agree with you as regards objecting to pay for a tv licence AND for Sky aswell!
I prefer my PC anyday.
As regards games consoles I prefer PC gaming as the graphics are so much better as games consoles only use the limited resolution of TV's!

  JYPX 21:14 18 Jul 2004

CurlyWhirly, I am finding the same as you - everyone I work with is now buying a pc. About a year ago we were reading about pc sales tailing off and a certain amount of doom amd gloom but I would be very surprised if that is still the case.
The only problem is that everyone is getting spyware/trojans but many people just don't want to be bothered with the proper solutions - they just wanna surf. The first company (Mcafee perhaps?) that can come up with a killer suite capable of replacing 4 or 5 anti-spyware apps plus av and firewall is (I reckon) going to see it's share price rocket.....

  CurlyWhirly 21:26 18 Jul 2004


At last someone who agrees with me!
Honestly there are around a dozen people in work who want a computer which is not bad for a small factory!
Most of these people have heard so much about broadband and how it is good for the internet and they want to sample it.
You are right as regards spyware and trojans (not to mention adware) as I have had a few on mine like the keylog-briss trojan which I had twice so I have invested in the a2 anti-trojan scanner and anti-spyware/adware software as well as the standard firewall and anti-virus solutions!
I have also downloaded ALL Microsoft security patches as I was stung some time ago with the Blaster worm!
I am using McAfee firewall plus and McAfee virus-scan 8 and I find them very good but as you say if they (or another competitor) could produce a 'killer package' that would incorporate everything into ONE package they would be onto a winner!
Long live the PC!

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