pc or console?

  NIGEY 14:54 23 May 2005

Now with all of the top three console's manufacturers releasing details of their forth coming consoles (which look and sound quite impressive) just a quick question, which would you still prefer to play your games on? pc or the new age of consoles?

  [email protected]@ 15:47 23 May 2005

In our family we have an X-Box,PS2,Gamecube,Dreamcast N-64 and two pc's.

If you want to do nothing other than play games then a console would be sufficient,but at the end of the day that is all it is ,a games console and perhaps a DVD player also.

The advantage of a pc is it's versatility in the different things it can do,but a pc purely for gaming is an expensive way of gaming although graphically a pc is better than any console(well the ones we have anyway).

Of all the consoles my choice of preference is the Gamecube( What's that I hear? Booo-hiss) because games published by Nintendo seem more playable than most others especially for the youger gamers.

Still think a good spec pc is the better option though.

That's one opinion for you.:0)

  Pooke100 16:37 23 May 2005

was into consoles for years and frankly got bored, think I grew out of them basically......

I do play games on my PC but they are not console type games, I play monopoly tycoon, leisure suit larry, children of the nile and simulations like that, console versions of these (PS2 - leisure suit larry anyway) suck big style.

I'd much rather be sitting in front of a PC, esp this one that was built for me, chose all my components inc case. Err, I mean.... to me it's aestheically pleasing to be in front of a PC on a nice leather chair than to squat or hang of the edge of the sofa on a games console/tv.

  joesoaps 17:07 23 May 2005

Been into gaming since I got a Commodore 64 back in 1983 and have gone through most variations since,Atari,NES,PS1,N64,Camecube,Dreamcast and quite a few others also.

Once I got a decent Pc that would play games though the consoles have just sat in a cupboard collecting dust,as Pooke says *I grew out of them* but I do agree with [email protected]@ that the Nintendo games have always been that little bit better.

When it comes to choice though I would pick a good spec gaming pc every time.

  Maverick81 17:39 23 May 2005

I think they both have their distinctive advantages but the PC wins on overall power and flexibility.....although the two are starting to invade each others traditional territory.

You see more PC's in the living rooms nowadays than you use to, and Consoles are taking on more hardware and functions (Xbox 360 set to have a 20gb hard drive with wireless/wired network and internet access....

I remember previous attempts to marry the two together though...does anybody remember the amstrad PC's that could play sega megadrive games ???



  NIGEY 18:39 23 May 2005

i myself do prefer pc to do gaming with,with most of the top titles get written to pc first?but although i own a dreamcast old hat now i know the reliability of the console when running high end games does appeal to me, i have to shut everything down for my comp to run doom3 smoothly, but must admit it runs it like consoles could only dream of, so pc for me...but only just!


  Cybermaxx 19:02 23 May 2005

I have a Dreamcast and a PS2 from the current generation, but I haven't switched on either of them for over two years (when I bought this, my first, PC). This new generation of consoles does look very impressive though, and as usual I'm interested in seeing what they can do (which gamer wouldn't?!).

I won't consider buying any of them until their price drops to it's lowest amount. No way I'm shelling out £300+ for a console and £30+ for a game. I already have a stack of excellent PC games to keep me busy, so there's no hurry!

  CurlyWhirly 01:09 24 May 2005

PC for me even though I used to be a console fan at one time having owned both a PlayStation and PlayStation 2.
Even if these next generation consoles are more powerful than current PC technology, the one advantage with the PC is that the technology is constantly evolving and so it will eventually surpass it given enough time.

  Megadrive 09:31 24 May 2005

click here there was a good debate on this hwne news of the PS3 broke.

  Totally-braindead 10:43 24 May 2005

PC for me too. I prefer the mouse/keyboards controls for one thing, the graphics on PC games tend to be better and the final thing is cost. PC games tend to drop in price far quicker than their console equivalents, for example a PS2 game and a PC game both come out at £40 but in a few months time the PC game may be available for as little as £20. Minus side of this of course is that you have to upgrade your PC to play newer games.

  Arthur Scrimshaw 14:28 24 May 2005

2x Pc 2x PS2 & 2x Gamecube (plus handhelds too numerous to mention) I blame the children.

I alternate between consoles and pc as the mood takes and the type of game I want to play. A lot of the time if you want to play a specific game you don't have a choice as it is licenced to a particular format only. (eg Zelda for the Gamecube)

My preference is the pc, but sometimes it's nice to slob out on the sofa in front of the widescreen playing Ratchet & Clank and not take life too seriously.

I'll be waiting for the PS3 to come down in price before getting one - never even considered an Xbox, I think the image of the stereotypical xbox owner plus the poor game catalogue always put me off.

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