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  118-118 Got Your Number 15:31 06 Aug 2004

Lately I have seen a lot of gimmicks for PCs appearing. Things like transperent casing and neon lighting. What are peoples opinions on this type of modification.

Is this sad. What benefits (apart from cosmetic) are there. Do you think it's cool. To me it's like tarting up your old Escort Mk2 for the cruise to Southend.

Just curious

  Rigga 15:40 06 Aug 2004

Agreed. Very Sad!!.. What a waste of money.. !

  mole44 17:27 06 Aug 2004

to me its a waste of time ,but every person is entitled to do what they like to a PC,as long asthey don`t ask me to pay for it.good luck to them

  MIRAGEUK2004 17:56 06 Aug 2004

yes but its like custom cars they may not go faster but they sure look cool :)

  zootmo 12:34 07 Aug 2004

Moddings not for me but, you've got to admit, that pc modding if it's done well, is like custom cars done well i.e. fantastic.

Some of the modding jobs I've seen are just jaw dropping! I'm sure I won't be taking a jigsaw to my pc case though, not this weekend anyway.

  Dorsai 13:45 07 Aug 2004

Some people think they (cars or PC's) look cool. Other's just think 'what a plonker', as they drive past in the 3 cylinder 1 liter corsa with so much fibreglass body kit, wide wheels on it and such a big sterio that it now struggles to do 0-60 in under a year.

But live and let live, there is no accounting for taste.

  tommy2 01:52 08 Aug 2004

Fair play to modders, with out them we would still have beige boxes.... oh I do have a beige box, I'll get me coat...

  Chegs ® 02:27 08 Aug 2004

Never understood why someone would want a garish,blinking and whirring box,aside from the nightmare of heat dissipation/rattly,noisy fans(LED's out of balance)and other problems encountered.There again,I never understood the logic of overclocking(until I had tried it myself) :-)

  Dan the Confused 02:58 08 Aug 2004

It's just a fad, and in a few years people are going to look back and cringe. Anyone remember these? click here

  Indigo 1 14:47 08 Aug 2004

Check out this site for some fantastical Mods click here especially the Orac3 (anyone remember Blakes 7 ?).

The Orac 3 is the most amazing Mod concieved and the attention to detail is just jaw dropping.

Don't forget these guy's attend LAN Parties all the time and like to stand out from the crowd, they even get awrds for their creations too.

It wouldn't do if we all drove identical cars and wore identical clothes would it ? So why should we all be stuck with identical Beige PC's ?

  siouxah1 22:01 08 Aug 2004

It is good to see people taking an interest in PC modding. Some really great creations. Good luck to them.

However -- No I don't mod, I like the beige box. It looked, a little while ago, as if the beige box was on the way out and becoming rare.

As long as I can get my beige box I'm happy.

Brian j

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