PC gone wrong shouted my brother

  Ex plorer 09:53 01 Jun 2017

It may have happened to others. Last night my brother who uses my PC once a week and has no idea how to use it apart from switching on clicking the app for utube and finding his way round utube. He is in his seventies and any thing that pops up on the screen untoward I have to deal with. A shout from my bro of PC gone wrong then he explained that a moth landed on the bottom of the screen (the task bar) and fluttered along the bar I was amused explained about the touch screen and put him back onto utube. Still makes me smile

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  lotvic 11:53 01 Jun 2017

I spent 30 mins on phone trying to get a niece (in her 20's and has moderate learning disability) to select the HDMI lead as source (from the FreeSat STB) when no picture was displayed on tv.

After numerous attempts to get her to recite the buttons on remote, I was getting nowhere. In the end I downloaded the manual and looked at pic and then was able to give precise instructions.

The resultant excitement when picture came back on was enough to humble me to remember "it's the little things in life that give the most pleasure" :)

  Aitchbee 18:18 01 Jun 2017

When early Amigas went wrong users had to meditate with a Guru. {guru Meditation}.

Ah, life was so peaceful back then.

  BT 18:48 01 Jun 2017

When early Amigas went wrong users had to meditate with a Guru

I seem to remember that the first port of call when your Atari went wrong was to pick it up and drop it from 6" onto your table. Apparently this would reseat any chips that had worked slightly loose.

  lotvic 19:16 01 Jun 2017

BT, that's similar to thumping the top of tv when it went wonky, I remember doing that in the late 60's

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:35 01 Jun 2017

Stopping picture roll by thumping the TV was an art form in our house right into the eighties.

Hard to play manic miner on the spectrum while the pictures rolling on the TV

Never mind "Pong"


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