PC gone mad or what.

  gengiscant 09:54 16 Jun 2010

This is big news up here in Scotland and I really do not know why.
click here
He did not say anything offensive, in fact thousands of people of both sexes probably say similar and worse things everyday.

Although it really pains me to say, I cannot see that the politician has done anything to apologies for. So what that his microphone was open and his comments were heard by others.

In my opinion he has proved yet again how gutless politicians are by giving in to the Politically correct lunatics that are trying to run the county, or should that be ruin.

Oh and by the way I think that Marilyn Monroe was absolutely gorgeous and my wife thinks that Johnny Depp has nice buns,first I knew he was a baker as well as an actor.

  DANZIG 10:05 16 Jun 2010

So now its 'sexist' and 'sleazy' to find a member of the opposite sex attractive??

Words elude me.

  Al94 10:08 16 Jun 2010

Probably needs to be more worried about what his wife thinks!!

  DANZIG 10:14 16 Jun 2010

On that point, me and my other half often have this 'discussion'. :-)

My view is that if she was the only woman I found attractive, that would mark me down as a slightly obsessive psycho. Its natural to find other people visually attractive. It is also a known fact that men are more visually stimulated than women (she calls that shallow by the way, I argue that I can't help my genes!)

  spuds 10:26 16 Jun 2010

I think that its not just politicians that have to be guarded on what and how they state certain things, because someone somewhere will try and draw an objection to it, no matter how small the incident might appear.

But having said that, when an important discussion is taking place, and the meeting was discussing a serious medical problem, then the people attending that meeting should not let their minds wonder on 'after event' activities. And this can and as been seen to be done in the past, brought many an 'Honorable gentleman' to their senses or humiliation.

I was only reading a report the other day about Political Correctness, and it was made very clear that the people holding these jobs have to justify their positions and possibly large salaries with perks. But in reality, if most of these people were made redundant overnight, nobody would really miss them, and the world would be a more wealthier place, and then possibly return back to normality.

Perhaps one way of reducing the countries deficits, saving all those wages. But then again, dole money budgets might increase, because some of these people might be unemployable in a modern lower class society.

  Al94 16:24 16 Jun 2010

Resigned from committee click here

  gengiscant 17:10 16 Jun 2010

That is scary.

A politician resigns because he says he find a woman attractive. Who has he supposedly offended?

Maybe he should have quoted parliamentary privilege,like the three tried to do who are being done for cheating on their expenses.

  ams4127 19:26 16 Jun 2010

Can I simply resign from my marriage because I find another woman I know, very very attractive?

I shall put it to my wife.

PS. I may not return:-)

  morddwyd 19:43 16 Jun 2010

I think it was the "dark and dusky" and "filipino" not the gender which caused the raised eyebrows.

  Forum Editor 19:58 16 Jun 2010

His stupid comments were at best sexist and sleazy – and at worst sexist, sleazy and racist...."

There speaks a woman who needs a massive reality check. The world would be a better place if we didn't have to tolerate looney feminist rubbish like that.

Glasgow SNP MSP Sandra White, please try joining the rest of us in the real world - the one where men and women make private remarks to each other about each other, and nobody faints clean away with disgust and shock.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 20:04 16 Jun 2010

'I think it was the "dark and dusky" and "Filipino" not the gender which caused the raised eyebrows...why should it if she was a) dark, b) dusky and c) looked like a Filipino?

I would also guess from her soppy, Victorian remarks, that Sandra White has the countenance of a baboon, the gait of a Komodo Dragon and is therefore not used to comments about her pulchritude from admiring men.


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