PC forum faster than normal?

  CurlyWhirly 13:02 29 Aug 2004

Has anyone else noticed how QUICK the forum is today?
As I have posted quite a few responses (over the past few months) when I used to click on VIEW YOUR POSTINGS as the server had a lot of work to do searching through the (huge) database I used to frequently get 'JRun server' or 'connection timed out' errors but when I do it now it only takes a few seconds!

I think most of the server problems have been 'ironed out' - I certainly hope so!
I have also noticed that there are FAR FEWER multiple posts and/or multiple threads.

  cga 13:08 29 Aug 2004

It does seem better today

I can only assume that there has been some significant system maintenance going on recently (FE?). This is a very busy forum and I can imagine that storage management alone is a nightmare.

Backup is fine but how do you do that for a system that never sleeps. In flight backup is something that I have to deal with at work all the time and it aint easy.

  stalion 13:08 29 Aug 2004

it is ok now but it varies at different times,you will probably encounter a slow patch sometime today.Regards

  CurlyWhirly 13:26 29 Aug 2004

it is ok now but it varies at different times,you will probably encounter a slow patch sometime today.Regards

Let's hope not mate as this forum is the best thing since sliced bread! lol

  CurlyWhirly 13:29 29 Aug 2004

Yep it looks like there has been some background changes to the server.
Much improved in my opinion.

  stalion 13:47 29 Aug 2004

according to another post F.E. is aware of the slow down problem and there is talk of a new dedicated server.

  It's Me 19:35 29 Aug 2004

It has just taken me 1.20 mins to get to this string

  CurlyWhirly 19:52 29 Aug 2004

Yes a dedicated server may help but as this site gets more and more popular the number of server requests is bound to rise also.

  JonnyTub 20:41 29 Aug 2004

I've noticed that the forum is a lot quicker but it is still throwing jrun errors back at me, even though they load quicker than before :-)

  CurlyWhirly 20:46 29 Aug 2004

Yes you are right it was quicker loading this morning but now I get JRun errors.
When this problem is fixed it will be an even better forum.

  unknown zone (mixed) 22:25 29 Aug 2004

If you use opera, then you can see the loading speeds. these have jumped up from several hundred bytes at the worst time, to up to 15Kbps now. You still get the request queued for sending, I guess how fast this is, depends on how busy the site is.

Yes the site is faster :-)

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